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Lize Testa

Married on Sep 9, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


My day started quite different than most brides to be. I stayed at home in Parow, while the ceremony and party was at Ganzekraal (about 60km away).

I had to get up early to dish up all the pumpkin fritters and green beans I made the night before, so it go to the venue.

After a nice long bath, me and my bridesmaid had our curlers put in and had to wait a few hours. We went for a quick breakfast at Melissa's, Tygervalley (yes, with the curlers in). I dropped off my bridesmaid to start her hair, and phoned my ex to get me some calming tablets from the pharmacy. My nerves were shattered as I wasn't able to see the venue made up before the time.

Went back to the salon and after what felt like hours, our hair and make-up was perfect. I, however, still had to take ID photos for the marriage certificate and pick up the champagne! When I stopped at the liquor store, the queue was literally to the back of the store. After begging a little bit and explaining how I'm going to be late for my wedding, I was pushed in to the front! We stopped at 3@1 for a quick photo and then headed for the wedding venue.

We grabbed a bottle of the champagne from the backseat and the party started! At the turnoff to the West Coast road, my little Micra's petrol light went on... I had to decide if I want to put in petrol or if I want to be late for the wedding. I turned down the aircon and we decided to be on time!

At the venue the bridesmaid couldn't fit into her dress and we had to get two of the guests to assist! Walking down the "aisle" I forgot my flowers and my brother had to rush back to the house to get it!

Our marriage officer made our wedding fun and had a message that everyone enjoyed. When it came to putting on the rings, they were knotted on the pillow and we struggled to everyone's' entertainment to untie it. Later I had to hear, my cousin, in whose hands I left the pillow with the rings, forgot the pillow in her house and when I arrived, she had to rush back to the house and get the pillow. I, myself, knotted the rings very tightly to make sure they don't get lost on the way to the venue, assuming someone will tie it properly.

After the wedding ceremony, we had the time of our life, partying and enjoying every moment with everyone so precious to us. It was amazing to have them all there to celebrate our love and our special day!

The Honeymoon


We took a road trip through the Kalahari to Johannesburg. Fishing rods on the roof and tent and a blew up mattress in the boot.

Apart from the first night, our trip wasn't planned at all. We slept over at Calvinia and fell so in love that we bought a plot there. The second day we stopped over at Williston Mall and had a delicious lunch, before deciding we really want to camp and fish. We put the petrol down and drove to Van der Kloof Dam, where we found the most wonderful campsite, Sandgat. We camped right on the side of the river, had a bon fire and woke up with fish jumping and birds singing.

From there on we stopped and slept over at a few family members and made our way back to Cape Town. On the way back we stopped over in Beaufort-Wes at the Casablanca B&B

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My mom made my dress (twice to be honest). We both had quite a different picture in mind of what my dress should look like, but we found a mid way. Shoes were laced pumps. My hair and make-up was done by Classique Hair and Beauty. Jewellery was borrowed (and blue).

The Venue

We got married at the Ganzekraal Resort on the West Coast. Some of our guests stayed over for the weekend, as a lot of them came from far.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Between me and the bridesmaid, we gymed a bit, but it was more like ranting sessions than anything else :)

Wedding Elements

We went for a very basic wedding. The plan was originally to get married on the beach, but we didn't take the spring tide into consideration. My mom did most of the decor with shells and nets.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Our wedding was very informal. The groom wore formal pants and a white shirt from Edgars, while the groomsmen wore black pants and blue shirts, also from Edgars.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Some people are very difficult to find the right dress for, but for my bridesmaid, it seemed close to impossible. I finally found a dress at Radeen Fashions in Elsiesriver.

Marriage Officer

Johan Botha - he made sure our wedding ceremony was loads of fun!

My Captured Moments

We asked friends and family to capture all the precious moments for us!

Wedding Transport

A very fast little red Nissan Micra!

Food & Cake

We had a spitbraai and between me and my mom we made all the sides.

The Reception and Entertainment

The party was AWESOME.

The night before the wedding I gave my friends 18 year old son my laptop and said - sort out the music. He brought the sound system. This was a night I, and everyone who attended will never forget!