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Lemeac Bezuidenhout (Winlock)

Lemeac Bezuidenhout

Married on Sep 3, 2017 in Eastern Cape


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Magical Moments


As I was about to walk down the aisle I prayed for blessings
I prayed for wisdom and I asked the God of my understanding to lead the way
When I saw (who then was my fiance)Fazel,I could not stop tearing up because of joy and I felt his love while he looked at me
Then when we vowed to our forever ,I felt like I was born again,but not to life only but to love

The Honeymoon


My husband was to leave the country three days after our wedding
So we could make it to leave for Port Alfred where we sent a two.night stay at the rivers hotel and managed to be Brooke into the honeymoon suite

My husband wasn't in south Africa for 6 months ,and arrived back home 2days before our wedding
So the time we had together alone in Port Alfred was a dream because we were not only together now as a couple but as one joined as husband and wife

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My Special Day

My wedding dress: picture perfect is the best word to describe it
I wanted to look like the fairytale I was born to write and so I did
It was a mermaids style,with a low neck and shoulder cover and long vail
My dress was snow white ,and as pure and beautiful as my day was
My shoes was white ,a heal with Crystal looking craft intop of the peep toe look
Langerie was absolutely white,sexy soft and something I couldn't wait to show off to my husband
My jewelry was a gold checker that sat into my neck line with a long matching eating with gold crystals
My hair was a upstyle ,with a front middle path fringe and a huge bun at the back(queen like)

Everything that's was dressed on my body was what my dreams couldn't even imagine
I loved it all

The Venue

Villa Panorama was where we had our perfect Garden wedding
Where our guests was seated outside with us in the garden where we had our ceremony
Thereafter we had a full frame tent for the evening where we wined and dined our beautiful and supportive guests whom we treasured to choose and witness the day with us

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I have a VERY sensitive skin,and I act out with stress and it shows in my pressure area's in my face
With the climate that had just changed from winter to spring
I did a good cleansing regime daily such as:
5min exfoliating
Vitamin moisture and eye cream
Once a week I had a steamer sessions

I made sure I used sun spf to protect my skin as I was out and about everyday whole day
I made sure I stayed away from anything that would and could harm my skin in anyway

Water was the most essential because without water my organs wouldn't function well enough and that would have a VERY bad visual effect on my face