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Kim Payne

Married on Sep 9, 2017 in Gauteng

Our Story

Wow where to begin ???... let me give it a try

Once upon a time there was this divorced lady with a small child, whose first marriage was not a happy ever after story.

So this lady who had met someone after the divorce …. Made her life hell in terms of verbal, emotional, and financial abuse …. Clearly the pub and its lads were more important until early hours of the morning 

As she moved on from that bad experience she decided to try a new method of dating …. Internet dating …. Wow oh wow …. People there seemed even more scary and more dangerous (the scary ones telling you false love stories etc asking for money the normal) …

After one or two very unsuccessful dates … a face appeared before her on the screen and somehow that face got her .. so she replied and said “hi you want to chat” …. You guessed it he did not answer. Then panic set in and she sent a follow up message saying “is your real name Rob” (code name on dating buzz was ZAMTB) (real name Hylton) ….. he replied and said no .. what a relief as Rob was a guy her friend had met. Needless to say she caught his attention and so the chatting began.

They WhatsApp’d for weeks all day every day…. Running around the house to find signal was the funniest part as the new charming man she was chatting to had bad signal … but he made the effort to get to those messages and reply.

Finally he asked the lady out – they agreed on coffee (the so called safe bet) told a friend where she would be just in case. As she waited for him to arrive she suddenly realised she had never heard his voice … in her life voices are so important … he Finally arrived this super tall slender good looking man and in the deepest most handsome voice said Hi My name is Hylton ….. wow was she surprised and super glad he did not arrive and say hi in a squeaky girly voice. The coffee date lasted 6 hours … they had lunch and chatted so much and he made her laugh.

That first night they continued on whatsapp till midnight and agreed to meet the next day and the next and the next – he became her soul mate and best friend

13 months of dating they moved in together with her darling daughter who he had accepted as if she were his own.

25 Months after they started dating this gorgeous man bought us all a bigger house to live in … wow how lucky could this lady get

Then the surprise came ….. on December 20, 2015 he took her for lunch in Hartees , the lady been none the wiser carried on as if it were a normal date which they often did and still do. On route home he saw the cable cars and said lets go, she said no due to her been afraid of heights and thought it would be expensive. Needless to say they go there and he said come on I will hold your hand and keep you safe. One the way up the lady was not very happy as she was scared as hell. They got to the top and it was a hot day approx. 40 degrees. They had and ice-cream and then she said lets go down as her feet were burning. He asked if they could just follow the path way and read the facts along the way. The lady walked behind him and hiding her feet in his shadow where ever possible. Finally he says come look here and says look at the view … she refuses and he says its fine just come look … apprehensively the lady went to the edge to go look and asked him as a joke “you going to push me over the edge” …. Needless to say as she turned around there he was with the most beautiful ruby (her birth stone) and diamond ring asking her to marry him, well this young lady, cried, hit the man, said yes, hit the man again and kissed him and said yes again.

So now the happy couple tried to start planning their wedding …. What was supposed to be 1 September 2016 had to be changed as the lady sadly lost most of her income due to a client doing fraud without her picking it up. The handsome Hylton of course did what any noble man would do…. Took care of the finances until she got back up on her feet. The date changed to September 9 2017 ... their 4 year anniversary date

This is the fairy tale I had always wished for, so on 9 September I said I and I will forever to my soul mate, partner and best friend for life .... and I am now officially
Mrs Kim Payne(which people say matches my personality to a T)


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Magical Moments


Firstly the look on my husbands face when I walked down the isle , he was so amazed and cried the whole way
Then our song when we were announced as husband and wife , we played and Afrikaans song "So Pas Getroud" , the look of shock and confusion from the guests was amazing.
The entire day went according to plan, nothing went wrong
Every single person arrived and we realised that those there were the only people we want and need for love, support and friendship in our lives

The Honeymoon


We will be going away in December for a long break

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Personally I think it was a classic, yet simple look
The colours for my dress were off white and Champaign. Classic look with lace and an A line skirt
My bridesmaids had a similar look but in Navy, the looked amazing and the dresses fitted them like a glove
the flower girls were just too sweet for words simple yet amazing look

The Venue

We got married at Rustic Rock wedding venue in Pretoria, close to Wonnerboom airport. Their service offering is an all in one service. They do everything and more for you. Their ability to create a dream wedding it just beyond words. They provide everything for you from 2 coordinators to food, to set up, to referrals, to flowers and include and amazing DJ
The venue itself is rustic and has the most amazing photo opportunities to make your day beyond memorable. The guests were beyond impressed with the venue, services, food, décor and people.
Their prices are amazing and worth it.
Our over night accommodation was at Morgenzon Guest house. Again such amazing people. Accommodation was beautiful , the services were amazing and again priced right

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Mainly eating right and trying to shed the last few cm needed for the dress
Teeth whitening was done with special toothpaste.

Wedding Elements

Our décor was done by the wedding venue, our main theme was sunflowers and they made sure there were sunflowers everywhere. The décor was so romantic and stylish, extra flowers that were added made so much sense and created so amazing effects

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a classic navy suit and champagne waits coat and tie. His cufflinks were bicycles, as he loves cycling. The best man also wore a navy suit with just a campaign tie, his cufflinks were "grooms - Man" . we managed to get cufflinks for the grooms father saying "Father of the Groom" , simple but memorable effect
we shopped at Designer ware house for suits, while cufflinks were found on facebook under "weddings & everything"

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaid had the same navy dresses with some classic lace for the bodice. both dresses were long to touch the ground and looked amazing. Their dresses were created from a simple idea and evolved as the dress making was done, changing here and there to make each look amazing and comfort was a must
Their jewellery was selected by myself the bide, they each work a double necklace with circles and diamante's - this was to represent the never ending friendships we have had for 15 years and more

Marriage Officer

Our Past was Ps Alan Plant from Redemption church, he did the entire pre marriage counselling and got us thru the entire process while getting to know us personally and understand our differences, similarities and happy spaces

My Captured Moments

I found an amazing Videographer Douglas Craucamp who changed his package to suit us. He was amazing on the day and helped us enjoy every moment while on film
Then we had the best photographer Louise from printed blessings. She was a referral from Rustic Rock and again worked on a package according to our needs. She managed to include and engagement shoot with our daughter, two photographers on the day. He photos have been amazing so far and we have not even received all of them. She is unbelievably friendly and keeps you calm thru your storm. She knows what to do and how to get you to look as natural as possible while enjoying your special day. Louise also provided the best photo booth which the guests went nuts over

The Wedding Planner

We had 2 planners for the wedding, both from Rustic Rock Natasha Jackson and her team got us anything and everything we needed

Food & Cake

Rustic Rock provide the main foods which was just amazing. They added pumpkin fritters to the menue without me asking or it been part of their meals, it was delish ... all their food was prepared fresh at the venue and served with a smile

Our wedding cake was totally not traditional, we requested a 2 tier cake from Melinda's Cakes in Pretoria. We asked for red velvet cake, and flakes all around and on top .... those were taken fist from the guests. The best part was the bridal couple on top of the cake ... we sent a picture and she designed them perfectly

Wedding Stationery

I was most fortunate to have one of my bridesmaids do all our stationery, she is a graphic designer and managed to capture our them in every step of the process from save the date, to the invite and even the thank you cards

The Reception and Entertainment

Sadly there was no time for the dance lessons and the two of us do not know how to dance, but we managed to get a dance together and surprised everyone as it looked amazing
the DJ and lighting was provided by Rustic Rock who played our song choices and a host of other songs