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Jess Denner

Married on Sep 25, 2017 in Gauteng

Denner Wedding


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Magical Moments


Being able to share our day with friends and family was just what the docter ordered....

I don't think I have ever felt so special in my entire life. With the love of my life waiting for me at the alter, my new 5 year old daughter smiling and swinging her flower basket, my mother keeping the happy tears back and ensuring that everything is perfect and my brother giving me away (on behalf of the past father) infront of loved friends and family, I felt like I had everything I ever needed. It was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Truely blessed to say the least.

The Honeymoon


We spent our amazing honeymoon at the Voi Kiwenga Hotel in Zanzibar. It was absolutely magical to experience the culture of the Mesai, enjoy fresh coconuts and sunsets and of course visit the most beautiful locations such as Stone Town, Prison Island and their local markets. Being spoilt with my first scuba diving session over the clear water reefs was marvelous and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My dream dress from Bride and Co.
Side messy plait
Heels that didn't last very long as danced the night away in white levi sneakers.
Make up done by Cathy Heaton (The best!)
Long very blingy earrings and bracelet.

The Venue

Makiti Wedding Venue with it's beautiful gardens and dams was absolutely perfect. The array of flowers, greener than green grass and stunning sunset created the natural and flawless backdrop to our special day. The team was so friendly and organised, not a stressed hair on my body thanks to them. 2 thumbs up to this incredible team and venue

My Bridal Beauty Regime

A little gym and a relaxed night with the bridesmaid before the big day was all I needed.

Wedding Elements

The hubby and I are very much a less is more duo. We decided on a very simple and rustic approach to things.

Single vine of orchids in vases with floating candles as centre pieces, a huge hall draped with fairy lights and and self made gifts.

We gave each guest a glass vile filled with yellow jelly beans with a note that had their names on it and said "Thanx for BEAN here" it was affordable and enjoyed by all.

The venue sorted of the decor and lighting.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Our colour scheme was Yellow and Grey with a touch a wood to create rustic effect we wanted.

My hubby wore a beige suit, white waistcoat and tie with white Levi sneakers. He looked very smart and modern.

The groomsmen wore grey suit pants and waistcoats only, yellow ties and white levi's sneakers. Each with a funky pair of multi colour socks. Not having the suit jacket added to the modern influence.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids looked gorgeous in yellow.

Each with a different style dress but same colour. Hair done in a loose bun and side plait. Elegant single strand earrings and grey summer sandals.

Marriage Officer

We were married by Pastor Pieter Fourie, who was suggested by the venue.

My Captured Moments

We were fortunate enough to have a talented photographer in the family who capured all the amazing moments for us.

The Wedding Planner

Yes, the Wedding venue dedicates someone to take care of everything on your special day although, I did most of the planning myself.

Wedding Transport

My father owned very unique vintage model chev that has been in the family for many years... and is seen as the holy grail to us all.

This was my transport to the chapel. He could not share this day with me although it felt like he was there while driving in the 'holy grail'

Food & Cake

Catering was done by the venue.

Wedding Stationery

I found a company online called Unified Printing, who did the printing of the menus, table seating layout and name tags.

The Reception and Entertainment

It was so super amazing. The DJ and lighting was supplied by the venue. He read the crowd so well and kept everyone on their feet. Music was great and we danced the night away!
(Thank goodness for my sneakers)

One of the highlights for my hubby and I was the Father daughter dance with my new father in-law. It was so special to me.