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Jana Kotze

Married on Sep 30, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Me and My husband are one of those lucky couples who fell in love once and never had our hearts broken. We started dating in 2009 when I was a grade 11 learner and he in grade 12. Therefore our wedding day was the one thing that both of us couldn't wait for.

From the beginning of the day, when me and my four very special bridesmaids started to get ready, an amazing journey started.
One of the most special things was that every hour, to hour and a half my fiancé at that stage, appointed one of his groomsmen to do something special. First, one of them brought my favourite magazine. Thereafter one of them brought a big packet of speckled eggs ( my favourite). After that they brought each bridesmaid a flower (barbaton daisies - also my favourite) and lastly, he appointed his best man to bring back my engagement ring, as my husband bought a wedding ring without me knowing.

From the moment that me and my father walked down the isle on 500 miles by Sleeping at last, to opening the "market" under the oak trees to all our guests. UNFORGETABLE. Our shoot was absolutely amazing with the most amazing power couple photographers, Matthew and Krystal Carr.

Then the celebrations began. We cut the cake and opened the dancefloor on The way I love you (the voice sing off sing). We had our speeches which was so personal and touching and then we had amazing "boerekos" buffet. Then the party started and ended of with a "trans half an hour" specially for the bride and groom.

This is one of the days in my life which I will not think twice of having all over again. From the arrangements to the last song, Everything was absolutely perfect.

The Honeymoon


Yes, we did. We went to Mauritius to the Radisson Blu resort. Everyday I wish that I can go back. Was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. Especially because it was my first time overseas and sharing it with my husband was so special.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Hair and Makeup:
- I love a modern look with a touch of vintage and I really wanted to bring that into my whole look on the wedding day. My hair was a soft curly up do with most of my hair out of my face. My husband usually sais that he loves it when my face is "open" because he wants to see everything, from my beauty spot on my check to my cheekbones and especially my earrings that I wore on the day. My makeup on the other hand was much more challenging as I am not a big fan of a lot of makeup. I really wanted to put the focus on my eyes and I wanted my green eyes to stand out. therefore we added a bit of gold to my smokey eye and that made a huge difference. The lipstick was a challenge and I only decided minutes before having my shoot which colour I wanted. We decided on a nude pink lip. It complimented my eyes a lot.

Wedding dress:
- There were a lot of special things on my wedding day but my dress tops the list. From the time of being a little girl I dreamed about my wedding dress and mostly because of the fact that my moms sister would make my dress for me one day. So it al started with the time and effort going into buying each piece of material, buttons and everything that had to add to the amazing end product. I also had a very vintage dress with a lot of beading. I had a soft hanging off shoulder and for our ceremony I had a Ditches silk skirt on. For the reception, I opened the dance floor with my skirt and by doing a flash mob with all the girls at the wedding, my sister took the skirt off and I had a much more elegant, sexy tighter fit dress on. I also wanted a very long vail and had a special made pashmina made by my mom.
- I love to dance and therefore wanted the most comfy shoes. I randomly walked into Foschini the one day, and found these simple, old fashioned shoe. I immediately bought it as it was super comfy. Unfortunately I was one of the brides who took it off when i danced with my dad. We put flour on the dancefloor so that it could dance much more smoother and as me and my dad danced on a nice up beat song, I slipped the whole time and simply decided to take it off.
-This is something personal to me and my husband and is not something to share.
Jewellery / Accessories
- My fiancé bought my earrings as an wedding present (something new). Then I borrowed my great grandmothers pearl necklace and put it in my hair. I used my own pearl armband as something old and something blue was my garter. My garter was a hand woven piece of lace that took 3 months to do. It had a little blue piece on material on the inside.

The Venue

I got married in Rawsonville, a small town near Worcester just on the other side of the tunnel. The venue where we got married is called Die Eike because its a venue surrounded by "eike bome".
The venue had rooms available on the venue which was fully booked for the night. We stayed in town at another Guesthouse called Monte Rosa. Some of our guests also stayed at Goudini Spa, just across the road. Luckily the people didn't have to drive far and all of our guests were safe

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Comrades Marathon 2017
- Me and my husband shared the love for running from the beginning. One of the things which both of us wanted to do one day is complete the Comrades. That was the first challenge which we had to face even before our wedding day. We knew that if we can concur the preparation and everything leading up to the Comrades, we can do anything together. This was also an opportunity for us to eat healthy and to train very, very hard. We also had to be committed and encourage each other and be there for each other when it is getting to much.
Facials and Tanning
- I decided that the one thing which I wanted to spend money and time on, was my face. I therefore went for 5 Peels and one Pen treatment before my wedding. I also went for a last booster facial two weeks before the wedding. I also went for brow and lip wax and also had to go for a few tanning sessions. I also went for lash extensions, which I loved and still doing today.
Eat healthy
- As already mentioned, we had to eat healthy as preparation for the comrades. After the Comrades me and my husband started to band and still doing it now. We are running the Winelands Marathon this month.

Wedding Elements

Décor and Flowers
- I love a little bit of rustic and therefore this element can be seen from my choice of venue to my flowers. I had 9 long tables of which 4 belonged to the parents and their friends and the rest we filled up with our guests. We also decided that we wanted our bridal table to be filled with our bridesmaids and groomsman and their partners. Above the bridal table, we had proteas and daisies hanging from the roof. The other eight tables had a combination of white glass pots, normal see through class pots, candles and a "flower worm, hanging down at the ends. Each table looked different and I absolutely loved it. We had dark wood tables with white chairs.
- Our flowers included mainly different proteas, daisies, roses and green. I wanted to keep it simple and focus on the beauty of the area and everything surrounding the Venue. We also got married outside under a white small tent and we were surrounded by mountains, trees, vineyards and the fresh air.
The pre were also outside under a tree tunnel, decorated with fairy lights. There were pallet bars, and bon fires and enough outside furniture for all to relax and have a nice time.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom
- He wore a Navy suit from David Jones. He had a white shirt, with a slim tie made by my mother. He also had polka dot socks from Cardies and a tie clip with his initial and the date.
The groomsman
- They wore a navy pants, also David Jones with polka dot socks from Cardies. They also had a plain white shirt with bowties made by my mom. They all had brown shoes on.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

As we were getting married in the middle of spring, I wanted to bring a element of that in. My bridesmaids dresses were a floral top, with a plum long flowy skirt. Each bridesmaid had a choice on how they wanted to make their tops. The skirt had a slip in as well and al the girls looked amazing in the colour combination. Al of them had soft curls and there hair was loose. They also wore a nude sandal as I am very short. They wore round pearl earrings and had very natural make up with a choice of colour for their lips. The also had a gold bracelet which I gave to them the day I asked them to be my bridesmaid. My sister, which was my maid of honour, I gave a pearl ring which she wore on the day as well.
The look mainly came from combining a few Pinterest pictures but also the fact that I wanted to set a happy, floral, alive mood.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Quentin van Rooyen. He is a youth pastor at one of the churches in Paarl. He was absolutely amazing and the whole marriage prep before the ceremony was such a blessing. We are still seeing him after the wedding as he beliefs that this is the time where the most learning is taking place ( 100% agreed )

My Captured Moments

Our photographer was Matthew Carr and his wife, Krystal. They are an absolute amazing couple and the two of them inspire you so much. The reason why I chose him as my photographer is because his photos are all so natural and he captures moments. They are also such mazing people to be around and their energy are contagious. They are also one of those couples who gets more excited about your photos than you. They were amazing. We did not have a photo booth and therefore they worked very hard to get pictures of all the guests.
I absolutely love his work and will use any excuse to make use of them again.

The Wedding Planner

As I am a very big perfectionist, I did all the planning myself, with help from my sister and maid of honour. She is such and amazing support. I will plan a wedding any day, any time. I absolutely loved it.

Wedding Transport

They say the best transport is your God given ones. Because of the fact that we got ready at the venue, we did not need any transport. I also preferred it this way as there were no ironing to do before I walked down the isle.

Food & Cake

The "boerekos" was made by Dalene. She is the lady in charge at the venue. We had chicken pie, lamb, vegetables, "pampoenpoffers" and potatoes. She also did our bread table for the pre drinks. It was absolutely amazing!
The wedding cake was made by PJ Lombard. We had three cakes. A red velvet, carrot and a chocolate cake. All were part of the pudding of the day. For the thank you present we had cheesecake, peppermint crisp tart and malva poeding and custart in jars, which the guest could take home.

Wedding Stationery

Anja Smit, a young lady who were with me in High school. She is currently still studying but she is amazing in what she does. She made our name tags, menu, church program, save the date, wedding invite website and the table seatings.
Everything looked amazing and fit in perfectly with all the décor and the whole look and feel of the day.

Wedding Services Used