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Elanze Conradie

Married on Sep 9, 2017 in Free State


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Magical Moments


"Van klei speel,
Tot hoofseun en hoofmeisie deel.
Een aand het hy gevra: 'sal jy met my trou?'
en het ons ons padkaarte opsoek na mekaar opgevou"

My husband and I travelled our school career from Grade 1 tot Grade 12 together. There was no spark at that time, we were good friends. We continued this friendship after school. After 10 years we arranged our 10 year reunion (he was headboy, I was headgirl). After this, everything is written in the history pages of our lives. We got married on 9 September 2017, which was a day full of highlights and memorable moments.

Stefan broke his arm 2 weeks before our wedding, my wedding dress was a total disaster (taken into account that I let someone make my dress from January 2017.
Everything went wrong before the wedding, but the day was perfect.
We had a rustic theme, and we wanted to tell our story through our wedding. We did not have the traditional wedding with the traditional rituals, we did our own thing.

On the tables we stacked books we read through the years, with 2 proteas. A good friend of my mothers' made the table runners.
The seat plan was customised for every guest, into their own bag, that they received after church, the confetti, the seat plan and fudge was in this bag.

It was important to get married in a church - Stefan's father married us, he was also our reverent growing up. This was so special.

My sister and husband from London also attended the wedding, she did a prayer the night before, and I had total peace.

We had all our best friends and family through the years on our special day.

I handed my bouquet to my father to give to my mother.

Stefan and I had a fabulous dance floor opening, despite of his arm being broken.

I had the prettiest dress, despite the unfortunate events with my other dress.

The best moment of all was when everything came together - 9 months of planning, 9 months of looking forward, a lifetime of friendship and love, that only the Bible can describe.

The Honeymoon


Stefan kept this a secret until the Friday before the Saturday, that we flew to Mauritius!!!
I was one of the Top10 finalists for Sarie Magazine's front page girl.

We had the gala event the week after our wedding, and only after the gala night with Sarie, flew on our honeymoon in Mauritius. Stefan arranged everything, I had no clue where we were going.

We had the time of our lives.

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My Special Day

We went for the genuine, no pretend, no trappings, just us look.
My hair waved down, and I had a wreath on my head, instead of a crown.
My wedding dress was previously made by a man in Bloemfontein, but it looked terrible, and I needed to get a dress the Thursday before our wedding.
Leehra in Bloemfontein saved me with the prettiest dress, it fit perfectly and was exactly what I wanted (even though I didnt realise it)
I wore my everyday shoes, brown wedges - they were comfortable, I didnt want sore feet!
I had white lingerie on, but no bra - the dress had an built-in one.
I am not a girl who wears too much jewellery - Only earings, wedding ring and a bracelit.

I am not a trappings-kind-of-girl

Everything needed to be sincere.

The Venue

We got married in the reformed church in Heuwelsig in Bloemfontein - we really wanted to get married in a church, so we can one day drive by, and say "Hey, we got married here 70 years ago" :)

There were many guests that came from far, we had about 150 wedding guests. On our invitation we mentioned guest houses, and they were responsible for their own accommodation.

It was important to me that only Stefan and I slept at the venue - we are very private people.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I always brush with a teeth whitening toothpaste.

I really wanted my hair to grow longer - so I took good care of my hair from January 2017 - coconut oil is the answer!

I also lost some weight, but not intentionally (it was the stress of everything).

I also believe in taking a breath and relaxing - I did a lot of that!

Wedding Elements

As mentioned, we went for the sincere look:
Proteas (2 king proteas on each table), fairy lights and hessian flags, books that we read through the years on the tables as decor.
We had a "key to success" bord that guest could write on.
I also wrote letters to each guest, hand-written letters, to explain why we needed them at our wedding. This was in an envelope, with their name, which was also the name tag for your seat.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Stefan did not have groomsmen, but he had friends that supported him with dressing and taking of photographs.
Stefan wore a navy suit, a white shirt and a navy tie, at the back I had it embroided: Stefan, alles van my is lief vir alles van jou.
I recorded a message for him on a CD, this played before I entered the church, and I ended that message with: Alles van my is lief vir alles van jou.
I then entered the church on a instrumental version of All of me by John Legend.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I did not have bridesmaids, as there is always friction about dresses, and hair and make-up. I do not have time or energy for those kind of issues, so I planned my whole wedding myself - my mom and sister helped where they could.

Marriage Officer

Stefan's father

My Captured Moments

Charlaine from Go Urban Photography is an absolute pleasure to work with.
I know Charlaine from when she took my Sarie Magazine entry photos for the 2013 cover page girl.

She is professional, and comfortable. We have already received our wedding albums, our photos and our canvas.
We did not have a videographer - we had to cancel, since we had to pay a fee for Stefan to move the honeymoon - so I can attend gala night for Sarie Cover Page girl.

The Wedding Planner

No, I made everything myself, did everything myself, planned everything myself.

My mother and sister helped where I asked for it.

Wedding Transport

My sister is financial manager of Lindsay Saker - she arranged a Audi for us - so we travelled in style :)

Audi also sponsored the registration plates with our names on it.

My sisters' husband drove the car.

I didnt plan too much detail with regards to the car.

Food & Cake

The wedding venue prepared the food, and we had the most delicious food! Everyone is still talking about it.

We did not have a wedding cake - Everyone has wedding cakes, so we decided against it.

We did have lovely chocolate mousse cupcakes with coffee for desert.

Wedding Stationery

Invitations were made by Carlien Fick from Jim Fouchè.

Everything else was handwritten by myself.

The Reception and Entertainment

We took dance lessons from January, but since Stefan broke his arm, we couldnt perform the dance we practised - we toned it down quite a bit, but it was still fabulous.
Starsound did the sound, everything on perfect timing. We also had a live band playing for the guests at the reception at Leopards and Lace in Bloemfontein, while we took photos in the veld.
The band is family, so they offered to do it as a wedding present.

The night went by so fast, and I always say Im happy it went fast, I just wanted to start my life with Stefan.
I might not have won Sarie Voorbladgesig 2017, but I surely won eternity that day.

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