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Anmari Kruger

Married on Sep 30, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


So little space, so much to say...
It was an amazing day from the ceremony to the reception.
This theme was Winter wonderland and it was something out of a fairy tale - thinking back I can say it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen, it was better the I could ever imagine and I would not have it any other way.
The wedding started at 4 pm and ended at about 1 am. Even though it lasted about 9 hours everything went by way to fast. It was no traditional wedding - Me and my groom got to enter the reception first, and see this magnificent picture first.
The guests the followed and took their seats. There were mist and snow ,machines making is all seem like a true winter wonderland forest. It was Fantastic. After all the formalities we had a delicious meal and then followed the opening dance.
We opened the dance floor to Ed Sheeren's Perfect - there could have been no other song suiting the situation more PERFECTly...

The Honeymoon


We went to Mountain View Cottages in the Drakensburg, Kwazulu-natal.
It was mostly raining - but it was the best excuse to stay inside and just relax before the opens pool SA's in Margate the upcoming week where when had to represent or province.
The view of the mountain was remarkable - definitely something to experience.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I had a ball gown, with an updo hairstyle fitting the winter wonderland theme perfectly.
My dress had all of my favorite types of styles - lace, sweetheart neckline and the soft organza material.
It was a all in one dress and when I fitted it I knew this was the ONE.
I had a short silver heel making it still comfortable to keep on the whole evening - but even if I wanted to where a higher heel, I couldn't because I didn't want to appear taller then my husband to be...
The necklace and earrings I wore was my something old - it was a beautiful silver set in the shape of little flowers.
The hairpiece I wore was my something borrowed - it was my aunt's crown she wore on her wedding day. It also fitted the wedding theme perfectly with the little flowers and branch-like threads.
The bracelets I wore was my something new and the garter was my something blue.

The Venue

We got Married at Droomplaas, 75 Rave Road, Vanderbijlpark.
It was a nice little venue with the Chapel and reception hall on one premises.
We tried to keep the venue local so it is more convenient for family and friends to travel.
I also required a venue where I could make use of my own caterer - because I wanted to make use of My Aunt's Catering ("Liplekker Spyseniering") - as I know her Food is always delicious and she never disappoints.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Did not need to get in shape as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as it is not just good for you weight but keeps your skin clear as well. I did try to catch a little sun, but when ever I had the chance the sun decided to disappear.

Wedding Elements

The theme was winter wonderland - the Idea was to make the reception look like a forest covered in snow.
An obviously there where fairy lights, you can't have a fairytale wedding without fairy lights.
There where no real flowers, only white branches. But the blue and purple lighting pulled it all together.
The fog machines gave it that extra misty forest look that made it even more remarkable.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom and Groomsmen wore dark navy blue suits - we got at Sedgars.
The Groomsmen wore white shirts, one wore a purple tie and the other one a blue tie.
My Husband to be, wore a light purple shirt with a dark purple tie.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids wore Infinity dresses we made ourselves so we could get the write colors to fit with the colors of the wedding. One wore purple and the other one blue just like the Groomsmen.

Marriage Officer

Jan McPearson

My Captured Moments

My Father is a Photographer and it is his passion, so we asked him t be the main photographer but got Jaco Kotze to capture the rest of our memories as my father needed to be part of our special day as well.

The Wedding Planner

Wedding planner? Definitely the best one ever. Anna-Mart Hamer and her Husband Dean (also my Aunt and Uncle), pulled this masterpiece together. From decor to the flowing of events they organized everything.
I did not have to worry about anything as she did everything, I just had to pitch that day.

Wedding Transport

We used my little vintage Leyland Mini car - as it had sentimental value for both of us - it was the first car I bought, with the help of my husband, and we built it up together.

Food & Cake

My Aunt - Marita Jonker and her Family did our catering as she has her own catering business - Liplekke spyseniering.
I baked my own wedding cake - it was a 4 tier cake, silver and was structured like a chandelier. The cake stand was created my my wedding planners.

Wedding Stationery

My wedding planner did everything with the help of my grandmother and mother they also did our thank you gifts - which was hot chocolate with marshmallows - fitting our theme perfectly.

The Reception and Entertainment

Usually we sit behind the laptop selecting the next song to play - but with our equipment we asked a friend we trusted to just manage everything.