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Alisa-Marie Venter

Married on Sep 30, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Eendag nie so lank gelede, voordat Prinses Alisa wou opgee om te glo in Liefde kom daar uit die bloute : a perfect gentleman in sy Toyota bakkie en steel haar hart.
Van daar af het hull besluit om hul nuwe ondekte Liefde, te deel en een te word, min weetend dit was nog altyd daar:
Ps: Alisa

One night I wish upon a star when I felt so far, I asked the mirror on the wall who had the most purest soul of all, just as I wanted to fall he appeared and safe my soul.

The Honeymoon


We went nuts lol ....the bush seemed to be a good choice if 1 soul should be free and combined with all of the past,present and Future.
Mossienss was the perfect peace of heaven .

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I simply took my husband's soul and mine and combined it in the theme.

It was about a prins that shown in my darkness and I seem to be his light full of shine.
Theme : Unicorn colors & black.
Hair: my PA did it
Makeup : I had to stand out it was shiny.
Vail: my 4x favourite colour's
Cakes : best friend and best tutor made it.
Every little detail and thing starting from my shoes,to head was made by people who loves me for me. Thank all involved you know who you are I will always love you'so

The Venue

I stayed at the Morgenzon Guest houses across the Wonderboom Airport.

We got married at the venue 3km away from the guest house at the Takenaki Lapa.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

To Live the life I love and to; Love the life I live!

But was suprised by Yvonne a angel who gave me a massage at the geust house before the univers made me the luckiest woman to marry my World.

Wedding Elements

UniQueen vs Dark charm
My dear mother as sick as she is stoot on a lather and build our marriage arch full of flowers and witch I should say she and my sister picked it fresh the day before. ...driving around like crazy. Thank you mom and sis.

The rest of the decor teme your amazing thanks for putting up with my mood zila fits ♡♡♡

The Wedding Planner

My sisters, Friends, co worker's family the people that makes my heart skip a beat if anything should ever means more to me that then and now I will never in this lifetime be ever, to thank each enough! ♡♡♡

Wedding Transport

Black left hand drive Ford Stang 1968 I think.not good with car date's ....just knew that my father how blessed I am to still have him....and my husband would freak out cause it's bit a both of them. My reason for existing!
Gentle outside but rough in soul they are my heroes!

Food & Cake

My 2 "crazy" awesome sisters ....♡♡♡

The Reception and Entertainment

Ohooooooooo we were born to stand out not to fit in we tried doing it as normal as we could but, in our world we normally glide..... or just enjoy the moment ♡♡♡