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Thembi Lebepe

Married on Aug 12, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


At a youth church concert. I came alone and we became friends. We exchanged numbers. We texted and called each other daily. It was awesome we enjoyed each other's company. We suggested going out. We went out for couple of dates. Everytime we were together it was exciting. Few weeks down the line he confessed how he feels about me and our friendship this happened while we parked at my gate he was dropping me off from one of our dates. I did not know what to say. I smiled and pretended it was late I had to get inside the house my family is waiting for me. We continued to text and call, he never stopped explaining how he means it when he said he loves me. A couple of days later he came to check up on me and I told him I actually feel the same. That was it :)

Tell us all about the proposal.


He booked a romantic spa package for two. The session had a lunch break. After some few first treatments we went for our lunch. While we were sitting on our table waiting for our orders a waitress came with a bottle of wine. The bottle had beautiful decorations hanging around. I just thought the bottle is part of the package. Later while we were busy eating our lunch he (my husband) untied a small box like ring box hanged on the bottle. The box was gold. I was confused and out of words. In five seconds I saw him on the floor he was down on his knee and he asked me "Thembi, My Love will you marry me? I realise the whole staff was around us and the was a videographer. I looked at him with lots of excitement, teary eyes and lots of love emotions I said YES I WOULD BE HONOURED TO BE YOUR WIFE MY LOVE. Everyone around us shouted YEAH!!!, they clapped and celebrated with us.

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