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Samantha Maritz

Married on Aug 26, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Highlights of our Wedding day:
Seeing how all the planning and time spent planning our dream wedding come together so perfectly just like a puzzle.
Seeing all my brides maids hair and makeup look so stunning.
watching all the guests arrive in their formal attire and looking as dashing as ever.
Walking down the isle with all eyes on me and seeing the look in my future husbands eyes. Just like in the movies. nothing beats that feeling.
The whole day was very special for us and something that will stay in our hearts for a life time.

The Honeymoon


We went to Mauritius(Merville Beach ) and we didn't know where we were going until the night of the wedding, you see my Dad planned the whole honeymoon and kept it a secret until he had to do his speech. while he was doing his speech he gave us a huge box to open that had different size boxes in it and we had to guess which one had our plan tickets in. first I thought we were going to Nelspruit because the was a milly"s trout pie box in there ( which we all know are amazing) but when we opened it it said Mauritius.The very next day we left to enjoy a 7day honeymoon that was just picture perfect.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was simple yet elegant , nothing was over the top.
Hair: I grew my hair for the longest time so it would be long enough for the wedding, and put extentions in to get the thickness right, it was an up style with blue and white pins inbetween.
Make up: went for a natural look with eye extensions.
Wedding dress: I went dress shopping a couple of times and tried on 40 dresses, i liked lots of them but didn't find the one that made me go WOW. so i decided to get a dressed made and it ended up being cheaper than buying one and it was what i wanted.

The Venue

We got married at Benvenuti wedding venue and from the word go it was absolutely beautiful. This wedding venue was very organised and helped me with all the fine detail. guests stayed in surrounding areas, their was no accommodation at the venue.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Basically from all the stress i didn't need a gym program.
for skin: i bought a very nice face wash, scrub and cream and used it for 3months before the time.
Budget was very tight so spending unnecessary money was not in the budget.

Wedding Elements

We decorated the wedding venue with lots of blue and white flowers and draping, the theme was winter wonderland, light was blue and white which gave it a extra element at night.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom wore black on black suite with royal blue tie and pocket hankie chief and black shoes.
groomsmen wore: different shades of brown pants, white shirts with royal blue tie and a pocket watch that they got when they were asked to be the grooms men.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Brides maid: After ordering our dresses for a Chinese website for R500, and was suppose to arrive 2weeks before the wedding and never arrived each bridesmaid had to choose there own royal blue dress, but maybe that was a bad idea because one of the brides maids got a midnight blue dress and we only saw that the night before the wedding , so the very next morning we had to rush to the shops to buy the right colour.

My Captured Moments

Yolandi took our photo's and she really did an amazing job. she has always done every major event in Ignis and myself life. she even did a night shoot for us for free and the pictures were amazing.

The Wedding Planner

I did almost everything myself except for the flowers, we got someone to do the décor and thank goodness we did.
My Mom was really great at helping me organise the fine detail and helping to make sure everything was perfect. Thank You Mom.

Wedding Transport

Didn't have wedding transport we got dressed at the wedding venue so their was no need to hire a car.

Food & Cake

A family friend( Aunty Debbie) organised all the food for the wedding Aunty Debbie thought of everything. and was so organised and tasty, we had 3 meats( port, lamb and beef) on a spit with baby potatos, skilpadtjies and 3 salads. wedding cake was blue berry cheese cake and it was made by my sisters best friend( Bianca) and that was the most amazing blueberry cheese cake i have ever had.

Wedding Stationery

The menus and thank you gifts were made by the people in my office, myself and my mom, we all pitched in and helped design, spell correct, cut and laminate all 80 menus and ceremony

The Reception and Entertainment

The only thing that i wish i had done was make sure the DJ was good unfortunately the DJ was horrible, he played the songs at the wrong times, didn't have the father and daughter dance song or cutting of the cake song. lighting was really beautiful but that was done by Benvenuti.