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Lune Coulson

Married on Aug 19, 2017 in Gauteng

We met and fell in love in 2009. It was a forbidden love (contracts and policies at our workplace), which made the romans all the more exciting!
In 2010 we moved in together and he supported me while I went to university. He had a crappy job and I was waitering to make ends meet, but we made it.
In 2014 we were blessed with our surprise bundle of joy! She is mommy and daddies everything, but it meant our plans of marriage was put aside for a little while longer.
In 2015 he finaly asked and I said yes!
And so in Aug 2017, after nearly 8 years together we finaly started 'that' chapter.
We had so many bumps along the way, so many times that the enemy tried to destroy us, but with GOD and love we came this far, and I am excited to see him with his bless when he is 80!


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How did your love story begin?


I had to chase him. From the moment I first saw him, I knew I needed to get to know him better. Romance was forbidden though by strickt policies and he isn't the smartest when it comes to woman flirting with him.
I was only 19 and worked quite late, so my dad would pick me up from work. I got smart, I would sms my dad that he didnt need to pick me up as someone would bring me home, then tell Travers(my hubby), that my dad couldnt pick me up for whatever reason, and would he please be so kind as to take me home?
Of course he felt he had to and soon he started offering to take me home.
Geuss I won that one right?!

Tell us all about the proposal.


The proposal happened on Sunday the 26th of July 2015. I had a hard week at work, and needed to just relax. He took care of our little girl (at the time only 1), let me have a long relaxing bath and then told me to dress up.
We drove for what felt like ages until we reaced this beautiful little place called Goblins Cove.
He had booked a private alcove and we had the most delicious lunch. I was so stress about work that I didnt suspect anything!
Finally towards the end he took out the box and asked me in a very straight
forward manner (he is like that) if I'd do him the honor of being his wife.
I said yes!

Magical Moments


Our wedding day was beautiful!
Things went wrong, as of course they do.
We were late to our wedding! There was a very serious accident on the way to the wedding venue and the whole bridal party was late. This however afforded me and my amazing photographer Leanne some alome time to snap some shots at the venue pre-wedding.
The best part was when he had to say his vows, he stutters, so its very hard for him to speak infront of people, but he did it! I remember he handed me the wrong hand and I was momintarily confused as I am pretty bad with left and right. The church laughed at us trying to figure this out and clapped when we had our kiss!
My fav part was the first dance! Its also one of the most beautiful photos of us!

The Honeymoon


We went to various places around our area. Our budget really wasnt big so we had to stay local, but we had so much fun and it really was worth it!
We visited Maropeng, did horse back riding (a first for us both) and date night every night!
As a mommy and daddy that happens very rarely, so we fully enjoyed it!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My hair was meant to be a simple updo, but as we did the hair on the morning we came up with a beautiful alternative, a half up, half down style that looked lovely! my hairdresser Alex was really a mirical worker.
My make-up was done by Jacoline from Aingeal Make-up and I truelly looked stunning!
My dress was a concotion of 3 different dresses that I dreamt up and my aunty lovingly made. She spend endless nights to make sure it was perfect!
It was a simple upper corset, attached to a tulle bottom, anf covered with a Navy Blue Lace jacket. My shoes was navy blue to match the jacket.
I kept my jewellery simple and only wore earings that came from my granny.
All in all, I looked and felt beautiful!

The Venue

We got married at a beautiful place called Eagles Rest in Kameelfontein, Roodepoort. Its a beautiful venue.
Due to budget constraints I made all the decorations, flowers, cake etc myself. My friend, hubby and his best man then went and set up the day off the wedding!
Everyone commented on how all the special touches really showcased us best and how beautiful it all fitted together.
The guest stayed quite a bit later than expected, but not the night as we had to get home to pack for the honeymoon.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I didnt do anything different. I am really not type of girl usually. The only thing I did do was spoil myself with a bubble bath on the wedding morning, while my little girl wanted to wash mommies feet.

Wedding Elements

I made everything myself due to our budget. We actually stayed under so thats a score!
Our colors was Navy Blue, white and silver with yellow sunflowers for a dash of color.
We went very simplictic with everything and used the venues already astethic beauty to our advantage.
Our decor was minimal but suited to us, for example the venue had 4 trees forming part of the deck where we had the pre-reception, I added fairylights around the trees and hung little black and white photos of us down from it. It made the tree look like it was specifically placed even when we couldnt move it.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom and his best man both wore grey suits. The groom wore a navy tie, to match my dress. And the groomsman a yellow one. They looked very handsome!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My mom and mom-inlaw were my bridesmaids. I had each of them choose a dress to their liking and style as long as it was navy. Both ladies outdid themselves!
They wore matching sharls to cover their shoulders and black shoes.
They looked lovely!
Our daughter was our flower girl, I made her dress. It was a white satin top with a yellow tule skirt bottom. She looked so sweet and you could hear everyome aawh as she walked in!

Marriage Officer

We got married in our church Lewende Woord, and the wedding was officiated by ps Werner. He delivered a lovely ceremony and really made us feel very loved and welcomed. Especially since he took the time first to pray with me outside the church when we just arrived.

My Captured Moments

My photographer was Leanne from Moonlit Rose Photography. She has a gift of capturing beautiful photos, she just knows where to be when.
I have received some of my sneak peaks already and I must say, I am inlove!
Its not the first time I used her, and it wont be the last!

We did have a photobooth, i ordered a frame online, and we asked all guests to take a photo with the props as part of our geust book. They loved doing that and probably would have chosen that over the more formal photos!

The Wedding Planner

Nope, I plan and made evertthing myself. So I was one very busy bride!
I had an amazing friend, Teresha Botha, who on the morning of went to set up my vision at the wedding venue. She really did a great job at making it look exactly as I planned! She is my saving angel!

Wedding Transport

On the morning of things started going wrong. My aunt (who made me dress and would have picked up my granny) couldnt come anymore as her daughter was in ICU. This was super sad and also left us with a transport problem as my mom crashed her car the day before the wedding!
She and my dad had to then go and pick up my gran and they got back late.
Realizing they were going to be late I chose to leave with my photographer to the venue. This ended up being the best dicsion! We talked about everything but weddings which really helped me stress less, especially as I realized that not only was I running late due to an accident on the road, but so was my entire wedding party and the pastor!
I still think God knew I needed to be in Leanne's car to keep me sane!

Food & Cake

The food was a lovely spit braai prepared by the venue. They outdid themselves with our 3 course meal!

The cake was orderd form chataux Gataux and then assembled by me, I also baked cupcakes and had a baker, Charlotte from Lotties Creations, make me some sugar sunflowers that I added onto the cake and cupcakes. The cake and cupcakes was gone within ten minutes of being served!

Wedding Stationery

A mommy I know, Dalien Lemmer, designed our beautiful e-invite in video form, she did a wondefful job!
We had no other paper or stationery as we tried to minimalize our carbon footprint.

The Reception and Entertainment

The party was great!
We didnt take dance lessons and we probably should have!
Neither hubby or I can dance, but we youtubed a video and learned the steps and we actually felt good doing it, until about halfway in where we forgot the steps and just ended up repeating the first steps again!

We hired a dj to help us make the mood and he was spot on with all the important songs.