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Lezinda Taljaard

Married on Aug 3, 2017 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Our love story started 6 years ago....
Everytime i saw him i got butterflies.... all over turning my legs into jelly babies what an unusual place to have always seen him than our everyday stop and friendly pick n pay store... my mom and i named him as the pick n pay mistory man.

As the days go by making pick n pay a must stop rutine hoping to se my mistory man once again my days just was not the same i had not seen him untill friends phone me to tell me there is someone they would like me to meet, with hesitation i ask why? What? And who?
They send me a photo of a guy....
With no real interest or even excitement i opened the photo.... and there he is... my pick n pay mistory man.
From the first time we met i just knew this was my soulmate, my friend and lifetime partner.

Magical Moments


Memorable moments i will always cherish in my hart on that special day was that look on his face his eyes... his fituque standing out as of a leader of a lion pack.
While the priest say a prayer for us my son the little sherrif was shooting the bandits.
After we have shared our vows the tears rolled down my cheeks ... while looking down to my 5 year old daughter standing along with us shearing our special day and seeing the tears on her cheak as if she knew it was memorable and the happiest days of all our lifes

The Honeymoon


With a relaxing sleep and the breath taking awakening of the thunder rolling crashing what better way of waking up on your honeymoon of a crashing sound of Houtbay waves.
Sitting on the deck with the beautifull ocean view having breakfast with my no longer pick n pay mistory man but my romeo and everlasting.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Imported designer wedding gown.
It was country/western my shoes were cowboy boots.
My hair and makeup done by Deans hair.
My mom gave me something old.... a neckless a gold chain with a pearl and pearl earrings.

The Venue

Estate 28 Port Elizabeth. With a beautifull sunset and country atmosphere
The guest stayed at the Elephant walk century. Beautifull view and just minutes away from the venue.

Wedding Elements

Country western with bales, wagon wheels setup at the entrance of bride and groom table. Cowboy hats on each chair. With satin white drappings tied back with orange, brown and blue chevon.
Horse saddles to lighten up the western look with back ground saloon, bank and jail desplayed. Giving it the real country western town.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My mistory man were dressed to suite the country western cowboy theme, boots and spurs klinging to the outlaw sound. With tailor made full leather chaps and outfits made for him and our 3 year old son who stood as his best man and ringman. Al this made out of brown leather.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaid were my little girl. She got a white tutu and tights with a denim sleeveless jacket. Brown cowboy boots.

Marriage Officer

Wim Vermeulen

My Captured Moments

Annelie Jonker were our photographer. She made us feel very special and at ease.
Best photographer

The Wedding Planner


Wedding Transport

Beautifull horse and carridge.

Wedding Stationery

Top Hat

The Reception and Entertainment

No dance lesson we just love to dance and dance with love binding us together. The DJ were excellent and knew what music to play as we only told him we would like country music old and new.