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Kendell Botha

Married on Aug 26, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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How did your love story begin?


I came back to SA in 2008 - to finish my studies. Boyfriends yes. BUT! last year I was a bridesmaid in Ladysmith. I took Cheveya as my partner,our first serious date! How did we meet - through a blind coffee date, through a dating site - So after chatting online we agreed to meet - as both of us had come out of long term relationships, I think both of us were ready to give up. So we arrange to meet for coffee in a mall and I got there early to 'check'. The rest is now history - Since April last year after Cheveya was my date at the wedding in Ladysmith and apart from work commitments we have not been apart. Friends, lovers, soulmates (when people said that I used to think 'what') Cheveya takes my breath away.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Cheveya and I went down to the coast to stay with my Godparents at Salt Rock and meet family and friends. Little did I know that Cheveya had taken out my parents for supper to ask for my hand .......... Mum said Dad came down heavy with Cheveya. Intentions etc. Mum said that Chev was sitting by himself looking 'strange', he said I was in the loo than he said no he was fibbing and he asked us here to ask for my hand in marriage! Mum cried. So as we had planned a trip to Salt Rock - that was when the asking was going to be - all in the engagement circle knew BUT me. The Friday night we were have a family braai. So we took a walk on the beach before hand near the Salt Rock Hotel - at Grannies Pool...........I thought Chev had fallen over! BUT no he was on his knee.........................Yes I I did cry..........overjoyed......

Magical Moments


WOW - getting ready - I loved the fuss and feeling special. My family and friends coming together. My Godmother being MC. Wow lots. Losing the posies before the walk down to the beach and getting married. Laughing - yes laughing - the wind! Being so happy, nervous. BUT! the most memorable and the best bit ever, seeing Cheveya waiting for me.............. Another my Aunts dog "Teddy" wanted to be one of my page boys - check my photo's.

The Honeymoon


As I had family and friends from the UK and I had not seen them for years I wanted Cheveya to get to know them so we stayed in Salt Rock, at the beach cottage and then went through to time share at Umhlanga Rocks, Cabana Beach and 2 venues in the Drakensberg. Cayley Lodge was fabulous.

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My Special Day

ROMANCE - I was going for stunning! I wanted a low back and no train, no boob tube (In other words I did not want to bare all.) HA HA I got the colour right, cream - My dress was light and soft 'no poof' with a train of lace and boob tube!!!! A BOOB TUBE yes but it fitted well. I am not a 'bling' person. My dress was brought for me by my brother, it was just right for the beach with cream tulle with lace around the hem and soft pleating under and across the bust with a hint of sparkle. My mother made the veil - pinned it to the lounge carpet because the men in our house were useless at holding the material. Oh then, my father said he wants an edging!!! Dad was so involved, Hair done by my Aunt Leso at Bus Stop Salon in Umhlali. All the shoes were the same as I had a Bridesmaid in the UK and J Bay! Soft cream wedges. Comfort was so the theme! Ha ha lingerie not much - Our jewellery was gold and pearls. Dress from Bride & Co Rivonia. Found the dress in the January sales - First day BUT we had made an appointment and Chev's Mom was coming the following week, so we redid the 'fitting' with my dress! Moria DID not know and she STILL choose 'MY DRESS'. It was meant to be! Secret!!! Oh perhaps not now!

The Venue

Married at the beach Gazebo at the Salt Rock Hotel, near Grannies Pool where Cheveya proposed. The area means a lot to our family. My late Grandad built some of the hotel. The wedding gazebo is right on the beach. Guest flew in from the Cape, the UK and down from Pretoria. Yes we stayed the night in the Hotel. Some guest used time share, the hotel and the family rented the Late George Hulett cottage right on the beach. Many of the guest live in and around Salt Rock.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Leading up to the wedding - my skin is good so just kept on cleaning and moisturizing . Teeth the usual a good scrub, twice every day. Nails - Tessa Vlok. Khai Thai SPA Centurion, my cousin from the UK treated us to a full body treatment. Health, stayed well away from sneezing, coughing people. Gym yes I dragged myself to gym.

Wedding Elements

Ha! Well the tent was too small and had to be changed! This was down to the men - they had to wait for the tent men 'BUT' it was the same time as my other kitchen tea and the men - well they went to the PUB to watch rugby! So they were told with finger wagging by my mother DO NOT move the bridal table or flowers! If moved, call her and she will come back. Mmmm lest said. The add on tent.............RED mm BUT the colour was good for photo's! The 'Lads' returned to all erected!!! Flowers my mother and her friends. Soft creams, Gold leaves. NO WHITE, NO GYP, NO PENNY GUM and No white frills, table cloths, or swags. My mother made the 3 table cloths for the bridal, cake, sweet, and DJ tables. Cream liner, tulle and gold organza. Gold tiffany chairs, cream washed wooden trestle tables. Back drop gold organza drapes, cream paper roses and bling crystals all set on a large swag of dried creeper!!! Lighting candles and fairy lights. The big flower boxes were made up by Cheveya and my mother and were filled with flowers like a garden. The Bridal table was done by a friend of my mothers Jane Matkovich.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Beach Theme - Tan chino's, white shirts. Cheveya wore a dark blue/grey waistcoat. Shopped at Edgars!!!! The Dads co ordinated, Blue chinos, pale blue shirts, navy ties. The Groomsmen tan chino's white shirt. We lost the Bestman to a new job in Saudi.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Cheveya's fav colour is blue...As the Bridesmaids were scattered - went for the Infinity Dress - As the girls were all very different in size - and scattered all over the place and world, we looked at PIN INTEREST! Plus I had 2 flower girls, One 7 and short and Savannah 12 and taller then 2 of the Bridesmaids. Page boy a 5 year old, hell with wheels, that stole the show. NO shoes Evan.

So the colour of the sky and beach. Pale blue, gold and cream.

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!

Marriage Officer

Mike Alexander. Lecturer at Wits University. Marriage Officer - Donates his fee. Made the ceremony very Special.

My Captured Moments

Mike Janvier O'Reilly friend of the family. Plus his 2 friends who are Surgeons in Durban. It is their hobby - Janvier O'Reilly you can see him on FB. Awesome gift of our photo's.
With 3 photographers - after the ceremony my mother gave them 1 hour to capture the event! The photo's were taken in front of the venue so the guests could watch.

The Wedding Planner

Yes my MOTHER and with the help of her friends............My mother is a florist and was a Display Manager.
So planned since birth! Flowers my mother, my Aunt Lesley, and Jane Matkovich. Hair my Aunt Lesley. Photo's family Friend Janvier O'Reilly. ALL the cream and jewelled paper roses were handmade by my Aunt Lesley.

Wedding Transport

We got dressed in my Godmothers daughters house. Which is at the end of Sheffield Beach - Parking a premo - so I came with a ribboned Range Rover - the Bridesmaids a large Audi, and the kids a porche. They loved the Porche. So cool having people hoot and wave.

Food & Cake

Aaagh the wedding cake - this was my husband's choice - Caramel filled chocolate cake............Fight with my mother about fondant or sugar butter icing. So 2 tiers fondant and the top chocolate butter icing - Something about the Beach and weather!!! Topped off with a bride and groom at the beach, no shoes and dark hair - the topper was brought from the UK. Barbi made the cake and the taste and texture was outstanding. OH and my father wanted me to use his huge machete to cut the cake. So sorry Mum with her Caroyyl Boyes knife!

FOOD - amazing the Chefs at the Salt Rock Hotel out did themselves and they let us take out and change items on the menu. They was enough for seconds and thirds. Roasted Gammon, a Chicken dish that everyone raved about, homemade breads, and The famous Salt Rock curry...........4 puddings and the wedding cake. The snack trays after the ceremony were amazing.

Wedding Stationery

MUM - a simple plain cream thick paper with dark brown print. My Godfather Ken printed it. Mum had a hard time taking out his scrolls and swirls.............

The Reception and Entertainment

The North Coast, if you are brought up there - it's a wedding paradise. Richard Anderson was our DJ. Richard went to school with my brother. Rich had the dance floor filled all night - Coloured mirror balls and the whole nine yards. Fairy lights and candles very soft. He could have played all night - But there was a cut off time re the hotel - He knows not to balk my mother. The music suited all ages and the dance floor was not empty once. Cheveya is shy about dancing so it was low key and a romantic slow dance with everyone joining in. The same with my dance with my father. Very personal for us both.

Wedding Services Used

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!



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