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Jean-Marie Bester

Married on Aug 12, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


Well this is an intresting one...

We met when I was still a student studying to become a chef. Needless to say my Awesome Husband is also a chef.

During my studies we did a pop up restaurant in Richmond, Nothern Cape. This is where it all began.
We were only four people catering this restaurant. This includes the front of house aswell. The one evening after service, I sat outside in the cold drinking some white wine, listening to music on my ipad and enjoing the after service silence. Then Jovan (my husband) came out and sat next to me. He took my ipad and we startex talking about music. He was very impressed with my music taste and also very supprised. I asked him "why are you so supprised?" His reply was " I didnt think you lile hard rock, metal ect." Then all cocky i said " what did u think, i listen to Hannah Montanna?" Laughing as I said it. We nearly sat outside in the cold for about 3 hours not realizing how fast the time was going. At one point i went in and joined my friend who helped up with the catering. I even told him "im crazy about this guy" as blunt as my friend was he said "shhhh he is there right next to you." I didnt even realize. This is how we basically began the story still continues but every moment is super corney and also very romantic. We have been together 4years and now I married my best friend "my blue crayon" on the 12th ofAugust 2017. He is my blue crayon because no matter how dark times get he always takes my blues away.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Well he had been planning the preposal for a while i found out after he preposed. But he couldnt find the perfect moment or perfect romantic experience.

So the one day we where just sitting on his couch,watching movies,eating pizza, enjoying ourselfs. Then he started getting nervous and clammy. He is so cute when he get nervous.

I looked at him wondering whats going on now because we were just chilling. I asked him all jokingly "why you so nervous, its not like you are going to pop the question are you?"

He looked at me and his eyes where shining so bright. He reached into the couch pillows and tried to pull out the ring box. (It got stuck between the pillows lol) he acted like it was part of the plan all casual and stuff. Then he went down on one knee and asked me if i would want to spend the rest of my life witg him as my husband and me as his wife. "I thaught at first he was pulling my leg, but when he opend the ring box i saw in his eyes he was serious. "I said yes!" Best day ever.

Magical Moments


As i was getting ready the coordinator knocked on my suite door. Giving me a letter from Jovan.

The letter said urgent. Inside the letter he wrote to me "see you there i front my love, cant wait to kiss you"

Second moment was when i saw my mother and she saw me for the first time fully dresses in my weddig gown. We both cried.

Third momeny was walking doen the aisle woth my father. I was shaking so much the nerves got the besy of me i felt like i couldnt even walk, then my dad pulled me closer and said "you look beautiful, and just keep smiling he is waiting for you"
Then when i saw him all was right in the world.

Fourth moment was then the priest said "you may kiss the bride" Jovan gave a fist pump in the air and said "fucking finally" was so cute.

Will be a day that i will never forget. Every moment was truely special not just these four moments.

The Honeymoon


We went to Clerens. In a cute little cottage. Was fabulous.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My hair was semi up-do.
My shoes was platforms covered in lace and of ivory colour, with little heart shapped bows on it.
My leangerie was peach in colour and very lacy.
My make up was done my the most amazing woman ever Michelle Nell. It was smokey eye with a gold undertone. Very natural and she did a super amazing job.
Jewellery i only had diamond drop earings and pearl studs.
Wedding dress. Was full of fine detail, ivory in colour and had the most beautiful lace work at ths back. This dress was done for me by Bridal Manor. What an amazing dress guys.

The Venue

We got married at Kleinkaap botique Hotel in centurion. Some of the guest stayed over at the venu it self. Truely a beautifull place.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I can honestly say. My hair took the most attention. Becausr i have cut it very short a year ago. I did bunch of hair masks for growing it out faster. 3 times a week for 10 months.

Then once every two weeks i did a facial with activated charcoal.

A week before the wedding i went for a all enclusive spa day that was a gift from my Hubby.

Wedding Elements

We are bith chefs. So we both love nature. Flowers had a theme of herbs and wildflowers, uculyptus and baby cabbage flowers. Was so beautifull and flowing

Our colours was white, navy blue and black.
Table decor was geometric candle holders and white faded photoframes. Which included a ISpy game for the guest.

Rest of the decor was fairy lights and very plain tablr setting amd a lot of old wooden elements. Looked amazing.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a black suit with a black undercoat, white color shirt navy blue tie and wild flower on his lapel.

He got the suits at a cute botique shop in brooklyn not sure whats its called thow...

The groomsen wore white shirts, plain black suits and a navy blue tie.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids wore short navy blue tuille dresses woth opend backs and black lace trimmings on the upper chest area. With a navy blue ribbon around the upper waist.

We looked at lots of ideas. At the end of the day we decided to combine a few dresses. We had the dresses maid at Gelique dress shop.

I found some insperation of all the dresses they liked and combined it. I wanted loke the dresses and most important of all be comfortable.

My Captured Moments

Our photoraphers are amazing. They are such lovely people and also an amazing couple.

Theys business name is Miss wang photography. They honeslty are the best we have ever seen and would recommend them highly.

They set up a cute photobooth for us on request. They did an amazing job with the photos and im honourd to have had them as part of the wedding.

The Wedding Planner

The venu had a coordinator to help us with the day events. She was very attentive and everything wemt smooth and on time.

Wedding Transport

We had a old rolce roice pearl gray in colour and this was truley an amazing car. Vintage in every aspect. From the fine paint work to the leather seats inside the car. It smelled like oak love the smell of oak. Truely a piece of art.

Food & Cake

The wedding venu has their own chefs. Me and hubby designed our own menu and the Chef was very pleased to habe a change and doing something different. They even loved the idea of cooking the pre reception breads infront of the guests.
The food was amazing and all the guest pollished every bit of food we had. From the cheestable all the way through to the candy buffet. Pollished. So we didnt have to eat loads of leaftovers hehe.

The wedding cake was done by Marius Bester (not related) he made the most moist and decadent carrot cake with naked cream cheese frosting. Even the cake was pollished. Not even a crumb left.

Wedding Stationery

Our one friend does design for a living so he offered to do the design and printing for us. Shaun he did such an amazing job and he truly has an good eye and a lot of talent.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our Dj was Andrew from Uppatone. He did the lighting for the dance floor and the music.

With our busy scheduels we did not have time to go for dance lessons but we chose a song to suit our personaleties and we danced the night away. It was truely spontanious dance moves but it worked out perfectly. Looked awesome aswell. Fun and mischivous.

Wedding Services Used

Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel

Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel

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Bridal Manor

Bridal Manor

Bridal Manor is an exclusive bridal shop that specialises in selling imported couture designer wedding dresses.