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Jaxi Thackwray

Married on Aug 19, 2017 in Gauteng

My name is Jaxi. I am a very tomboy kind of girl. So planning a wedding was never something I could say I did. I wanted something rustic and untraditional. I am a very untraditional kind of girl. Lucky for me my husband and his amazing family would help with everything. And they made it all come true. It was the kind of wedding non girly girls dream of.


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The Honeymoon


For our Honeymoon we went to the Ambre Resort in Mauritius. We spent 7 nights in heaven at the Resort. We went to see the sights of Mauritius on day 4 lucky for us we have been before so we got to see the side of Mauritius we haven’t seen yet. We got an all inclusive Package. It included food Drinks a free day out with a driver and a romantic dinner on the beach. Now that is what I call paradise.

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The Venue

I remember having my heart set on Oak field farm. But that was until I saw the most Romantic Rustic setting at the Moon and Sixpence. We decided on the Moon and Sixpence and I don’t regret anything. The staff is so friendly the grounds were neat and tidy. The room was amazing. The food was out of this world. Everything about this place was something real. Our guest booked out all our rooms and Stayed for brunch the next day.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My Regime was to not change anything because Rashes and infections are not a good look on the Day. So I spent my last few weeks sticking to the same Things. Washing my face every night and moisturizing every chance I got. I never went to sleep with my make up on. I washed my hair once a week so it wouldn’t get so oily so quickly. I spent lots of money on making sure my skin looked good.

Wedding Elements

We wanted a very rustic feel to the wedding. Nothing modern. I got really Lucky my Father made boxes for our center pieces and we got a friend to do our flowers. Most of the decor and our wedding was handmade or was made by our family or friends. It was a very hands on event. We had a candy table and our thank you gifts was popcorn in air tight Jar. That said thank you for popping by.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom wore a dark Navy suit with Dark brown shoes. Very classy got it from Euro suit. The Groomsmen wore dark navy aswel with Black shoes. All the boutonnières were hand made by our Florest with the same flowers that were all over the venue.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My Bridesmaids wore this amazing evening gown made by Kerry-Ann Lodge. (Also a bridesmaid) she made all their dresses so it’s not something you could buy in the shops. It is burgundy floor length tight around the busy with criss cross back straps.

Marriage Officer

Our Marriage officer was Raymond Nettmann. But our Mc and ceremony was all done by Family Friend. Luke Lamprecht

My Captured Moments

We have this perfect Family Photographer and her sister. They did our engagement party our wedding our test shoot. Everything. Best photographers. Jamie and Paige Goodwin

The Wedding Planner

webnever had a wedding planner. I did however have a Mother in Law who was in it from day one. She was my left hand man my right hand man my confidant. My worst enemy(not really) and my best friend. She held my hand and made sure everything was perfect. She was my wedding planner and my mother all in one breath.

Wedding Transport

I actually drove myself to the venue cause all my make up and stuff was to be done in the same place. And I like to be alone.

Food & Cake

The Moon and Sixpence did all the food. And My amazing mother in law made the most amazing Cake.

The Reception and Entertainment

We Never had dance lessons. My husband has two left feet and really can’t dance. We chose a very upbeat song to dance to so it wasn’t awkward and stiff. We had a di from cream cheese. He was the best DJ i’ve Ever heard!

Wedding Services Used

Cream Cheese Professional DJs

Cream Cheese Professional DJs

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