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Danielle Van Wyk

Married on Aug 26, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


When women say they had their 'Fairy-tale Wedding', I can truly say I had my Fairy-tale wedding. I got ready in the only place that I could have ever imaged, my childhood home. To the magics of the morning, spending time with my closest friends and my dearest mom, hanging out the night before, them showering me with gifts that represents so much of who I am, to our home made everyone in the kitchen kind of breakfast. We had a blast getting our hair and make up did and taking countless selfies. From being on time to 20 minutes late, the Ceremony was all in all the BEST part of our Wedding. From walking down the Aisle and seeing my handsome husband waiting for me was the greatest Gift and the greatest Blessing. The Ceremony was an abundant blessing and gave us reason to LOVE THINK and COMMUNICATE, the message that was brought across was just not intended for my husband and I, but directed to the whole Congregation. Other special moments included my bridesmaids being my day ones, and never was there a moment of me having to worry about anything on the day. My guests and service providers being an absolute blast, to the amazing way everything turned out. There's so many and I can truly say that we were blessed in abundance. But if I were to chose one Highlight, it would possibly be the Look on my husbands face when I walked down the aisle and the words whispered to me over the hustle and bustle of the days activities.

The Honeymoon


Not in my wildest of Dreams, have I ever thought I would be navigating a Map and exploring a foreign country with my day one. It's always been one of my biggest Dreams to Travel and Explore various cultures. As my first International Trip EVER, I was privileged enough to head off to Europe. *Lots and Lots of months and Years of Saving and Sacrifice. Our Honeymoon ranged from seeing the Gondoliers of Venice, Stretching to the Colosseum of Rome and walking the Street of La Rambla in Barcelona. It was an absolute Dream Come True, considering my circumstances.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I went for a Vintage 1950's mixed modern, rustic look. Everything blended so well together, considering my bridesmaids had their own choices in choosing their dresses, shoes and hairstyles. My dress was beyond my wildest imagination, never ever thinking it would have looked so stunning. I had a tea length dress with pearl like accessories to put the whole look together. Had a slip on one bad burgundy velvet shoe. Lingerie was a bit of a tricky situation. I had gone for the all nude Lacey look, nothing too fancy, but my bridesmaids were having none of it. I landed up switching my lingerie to blue Lacey underwear, hand picked by my bridal party for the traditional something Blue. My entire Wedding look was so simple but yet it resembled the look I was going for which was a modern, pin up vintage look. Up until the day, I had no idea what I was going for with regards to my hair, the magic hands of my local hairstylists was a simple curl up style look that blended in so perfect with my veil and dress. My make up artist was simply the best. Having gone for the natural dark smokey eye, natural lips look- blending everything together and make everything whole. My neck piece was handmade the day before my wedding day as this was the missing link to my look. To everyone involved, I am unable to thank them enough and my entire look was left in the hands of local community dressmaker, hairstylist and jewelry maker.

The Venue

We got married in the Church, where I was baptized and confirmed in and where I did most of my Sunday school years. Made so many memories and holds a special place not only in my heart but in the hearts of many of my family members. We got married in my local Catholic Church in my hometown, St Martin De Porres Catholic Church, Lavistown. There was no need for any stay over as many of my guest were home bound and in close proximity.

Cassia Restaurant

Cassia Restaurant

Creating gorgeous weddings in this extraordinary setting along the water’s edge for over 12 years and our creative, passionate team are excited to work with you.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

To me there was never a need to go all out and go the extra mile. Each for their own I suppose. But leading up to our wedding, we started getting into a healthy active lifestyle, which not only meant getting healthy and fit and looking good for our wedding but also to the days that followed. Making this a new way of Life and have never looked back. Fixing up our Nutrition, lead to my husband and I having feeling good and comfortable in our skin on our Wedding Day. My daily skin regime was nothing spectacular, than doing my daily skin routine with my Herbalife Skin Care Range. No teeth whitening or spa treatments, as budgets are real and we were certainly on one, but also majority of our savings went to our Honeymoon and I would have not had it any other way.

Marriage Officer

Our Wedding officer was our parish Priest, Father Jerome and what a blessing it was to have him conduct the ceremony. I would not have had it any other way.

My Captured Moments

All I can say is Oh My Word. From the first time we met our photographer, I knew he was the one. He was very friendly and felt like family and knew exactly what I wanted. His images were very artistic and just captured me. His images spoke to me like no other photographer. Leon was a blessing to us and I would have had it no other way. We had a DIY Photobooth set up by Roxanne Kleinibse. Leon Oorsthuizen was a gem... his an amazing photographer, with a bucket load of talent.

The Wedding Planner

To an extent yes, she was my cake maker, decor creator and everything else in between. Her services were absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone. She is a start up, but was truly amazing from the first time we met at one of the potential wedding venues. Never costed an arm or a leg and was right within our budget line.

Wedding Transport

We could not have chosen any better transport than the couple that specializes in Weddings, Matric Balls and any fancy event functions that caters to all your Vintage car needs. This couple was an absolute blessing, from the first time we met them to the day of our wedding. We felt like such family, welcomed with Open Arms. Rocked up in a Vintage Cadillac, which all so suited the theme that we were going for. Our second transport to accommodate our large entourage was none other than a Vintage VW Beetle Kombi and in the Burgundy colour. The owner was too a dream and made it so much fun and enjoyable for our wedding party.

Food & Cake

Our food was made by the in house Caterers at Cassia Restaurant in Durbanville, which forms part of the Nitidia wine farm cellars. The food was healthy and absolute divine, from the starters all the way to how amazing the dessert looked like. There was no complaints from the guests, so I assumed the food was pretty much a hit. My amazing poppy seed, naked vanilla icing cake was made by none other than Roxanne Kleinbse *an amazing talented young baked, hot in the making. The cake was literally the icing on the cake. Soft moist and absolutely eatable, along with the nutella peanut butter cupcakes.

Cassia Restaurant

Cassia Restaurant

Creating gorgeous weddings in this extraordinary setting along the water’s edge for over 12 years and our creative, passionate team are excited to work with you.

Wedding Stationery

Most of my decor was DIY. as being on a budget, you start thinking out of the box and Pinterest can in extremely handy with some interesting ideas to where to save money with stationary. We, meaning I thought of ways in which we can lesson our carbon footprint. So whatever could be done online it was. Our Save the dates was done online and was an application I found off google play. Our Wedding Invitations was a created website, done by myself and the help of the young talented baker, with the website wix. Menu was created by my husbands dad that works at a printing company. Our favor stickers was made by one of the Laser Cut Ladies found on facebook. So minimal was done with regards to Stationary.

The Reception and Entertainment

The Party was an absolute blast. We are natural born dances *not really but there was no practicing at all. We winged our entire 1st dance which was a memory I will never forget. Who needs dance class anyway ;) The DJ was beyond amazing and I can hardly recall after all the formalities was done that the dance floor was ever empty. The DJ recreated such an atmosphere that up until today I get told how 'lit' our wedding was. The DJ was a family friend of my husband and could he entertain. We had the LOVE Lights hired by Lekker Trou and they set up our curtain fairy lights and the lights draped around the beams. The services they provided was professional and extremely helpful and accommodating.

Wedding Services Used

Cassia Restaurant

Cassia Restaurant

Creating gorgeous weddings in this extraordinary setting along the water’s edge for over 12 years and our creative, passionate team are excited to work with you.