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Cassandra Harmse

Married on Aug 5, 2017 in North West Province


That day I married the most wonderful guy I have ever met. He is my best friend but most of all my rock.


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How did your love story begin?


Our Love Story started without us even knowing. We met while we both were on duty dressed very beautiful in Police Uniform. He was not very friendly he was not even my tipe. We kept on meeting each other while working he then started being friendly and we started to speak. He always looked for a reason to touch me. he was not tipe I never took his behavior serious. Until one day we worked and he followed me everywhere. That same day I met a guy with very beautiful blue eyes. We chatted and my Husband now followed me and made sure we never exchange numbers.. That's when I realized this guy is into me. He loves animals so on our next stopped there were dogs and I started playing with it and he came. I then knew he would never ask for my number so I told him when are we going to go out with your friend like you promised. That's when I gave my number to him. We started chatting and I realized the people who we think are not our tipe end's up being our Love Story. Ever since we could not get enough of each other people said we are moving to fast but on my wedding day my father said you don't looked stressed and I replied because I know this is what I want.. I love him and I want to be with him..

Tell us all about the proposal.


He proposed on his knees while we were on a bikers trip. I looked my worst that day hair tied back. I was even wearing his clothes and I dreamed of a guy proposing on his knees. The 30 April 2015 infront of all his friend he went down on his knees and asked me.. That was just great..

Magical Moments


I will always remember my wedding day because at the end of the night I sang to him and I never knew I could love someone so much as him.

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My Special Day

My look was just me but I weared my blue shoes with pride because my husband weared his uniform because I knew he would want a peace of his father with him at our wedding. The theme was a farm wedding we just wanted people to remember the days when we were still young and just having fun.