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Cashé Duncan

Married on Aug 12, 2017 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Our love story began 2 years ago when i started my new job, and i saw this guy and i just couldnt put my finger on it - what it was about this guy that i just could not shake. There was just something about him. So after trying to make friends with him at work - all our invitations to him to join us after work or for a night out -from me and my friends- just wasn't working!!! Eventually i knew that we just had to tell him that there was someone that was interested in him and that person was me! After he found out, it was so cute as he was really interested :) (secretly he hoped it was me when he that someone was interested in him;)) We went on our first date at a Beach Cafe Coffee Shop and after that date things just progressed with us until we made it official about a month later and started dating! There was an incredible journey about to unfold from that day onwards.

Tell us all about the proposal.


During December holidays 2016 we had planned to go visit family in Balito Bay and spend Christmas there - once all the festivities were over we thought it a good idea to just have 2 days to ourselves before heading home.
On Route to our last part of our Holiday, we arrived about 4 hours late at our accommodation at Hole in t he Wall due to getting lost riding the back way around to our destination. But we made it! Arriving later than we expected we decided to just relax that evening to get an early start to what was going to be the most amazing day of our lives!!! But little did i know at the time :)
The next day was the most perfect day in terms of weather, and ofcourse the events that were going to unfold.
From swimming at the Hole in the Wall and just admiring the beauty of such a sight, to a lovely lunch at White Clay Restaurant - this amazing day was just getting started!
We planned a trip up Whales Back that afternoon with a blanket, some drinks and good shoes!!!
As we start climbing, Jayson (husband) says to me that when we are almost at the top of Whales Back, he is going to tell me a story about this hill. As we get higher he says to me “this hill represents our relationship, we are going to have tough times getting up and climbing to the top, but we must remember to always keep going higher together”.
We eventually reach the top, and its still a perfect day, and the view is just absolutely breathtaking. Getting the blanket and drinks out, we sit down and Jayson says again, this hill represents our relationship etc, but what he is actually trying to say is that I mean so much to him, and what he is actually really trying to say is…. Will you marry me!!! I just burst out crying, thinking to myself – oh my gosh this is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life!!! Forgetting to give an answer with all the tears, he asks me “so do you say YES” and I look at him with tears in my eyes and say YES ofcourse I do!!!  That was the most amazing feeling in the world and our view just made it even that much more special

Magical Moments


Fire Dancers just arrived at our venue - secretly arranged by my amazing mother-in-law!
It was such a surprise to me!!! In the darkness with the fire dancers performing, there was the bride (me) dancing away to the awesome beat music, with the rest of our guests standing around watching the entertainment.
During their last song, my husband and I stood in front of them as they danced around us with their fire sticks with our photographer capturing that incredible moment.

The Honeymoon


The day after our wedding we started our drive to Wavecrest (Transkei) and stayed there for 2 days.
Yet another 2 perfect days where we could enjoy a barge cruise through the amazing Mangrove System as well as getting treated to delicious food, spa treatments and some relaxing drinks in the evening.
2018 - Honeymoon Part II :)

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

We had our Ceremony at the St Peter's Church in Kei Mouth and our Reception was at The Venue at Morgan Bay Hotel.
Guests came through to Morgan Bay and Kei Mouth from a few days before the actual wedding and stayed at places like Yellowwood Forrest, Mitford Hotel, Morgan Bay Camp Site, Kei Mouth accommodation as well as Holiday homes in Morgan Bay.
It was so lovely to have friends and family over, even before the big day arrived! This was a destination Wedding!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My beauty regime leading up to the wedding was just carrying on as normal, eating what i normally eat and doing what i normally would. I went for a visit to the dentist and orgal hygienist as well as a mani and pedi.
I did not want to look like someone else on my wedding day, i just wanted to be plain and simple me:)

Marriage Officer

Mickey Webb was our Marriage Officer and also our Lawyer

The Wedding Planner

My mother-in-law was my planner & coordinator :)

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