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Thobeka Mdluli

Married on Jul 29, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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How did your love story begin?


We met in pmb Im not familiar with roads but after Russell High School I was coming from somewhere and waiting for the robot to open nd I swear I don't know where he was coming from nd he said "Aibo beautiful lady why u standing while the robbery is open or you where waiting for me"? I turned and looked at him he was not dressed nicely u know to my kinda guy not even smelling designer perfume but his sense of humour made me respond to his silly jokes nd I said "Sorry but u don't even know me and u so forward Hu told u I was waiting for u anyway"?dat how we met Dan we walked together he told me dat he was sent to buy something so can I please go with him to give his brother his money since he forgot what he said he must buy coz he still want to walk me to the rank so we went nd already his introducing me as his run away bride at 1st I was suprise y r stranger will introduce me like Dan only to find out on our wedding dat it's was not his 1st day he saw me apperantly they went to my township to look for me after he saw me passing by his hospital bed in hospital nd since Dan his been searching for me hahahaha so dat how our love story began we started being frnds Dan lovers Dan parents now husband nd wife...

Tell us all about the proposal.


My husband proposed on my birthday...he ddnt kneel down he just gave me the ring nd said happy birthday Dan took it again Dan later he took me out to dinner nd he properly proposed nd ts was so special nd I will forever remember dat day

Magical Moments


Taking Photos the 1st dance my mother walking me down the Isle while my sister was singing and ppl showering us with money

The Honeymoon


Not yet coz we want to go to Paris...but we defenetly thinking mini Honeymoon

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look I wanted glam but not too much for my white wedding Dan for my Zulu attire I wanted natural Dan nagerian I wanted to go all out on the my make up..with my hair I wanted to change it 3 times as well but time ddnt permit us..langerie I bought it in Woolworths top of the range nd with my accessories i only had accessories on my last change all the way from dress was stunning got it in pmb

The Venue

We got married in Acacia Bush Lodge ts was coz we had after party nd thanks giving the following day.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

We both love and enjoys gym so gym was our calming place...I made sure my skin was wedding ready so u used my avon care 3in1 product even tone nd for him he went to the dentist to fix his teeth

Wedding Elements

We had white decor with nice Centre pieces flowers our memorie ladder for our parents which meant so much to both of us coz we both lost our dad nd the furniture was from the venue was stunning nd the cake setting the buffer corner the mirrors the Mr nd Mrs signs Photo booth nd lighting was great the smoke was great the music the garden set up was amazing...the temple my crystals was amazing

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen where wearing their ordinary black suits der got from different retail stores...

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids couldn't decide on wat to wear coz we had r certain stunning dress but we ddnt get it so I went to city girl nd bought it for em

Marriage Officer

Pastor Timothy from Solid Rock Ministries

My Captured Moments

Philani Zuma was our photographer nd video for the guy and I can't wait to c his work I know his the best...we tried to use it even Dore we had 3 changes in between our pictures

The Wedding Planner

Yes...I couldn't have done it without her my planner Erica she did an exceptional job the guest were happy I was happy our wedding are still the talk of the town till today..

Wedding Transport

My husband organized our fancy cars

Food & Cake

The delicious food was prepared by Acacia Bush Lodge stuff and our cake was done by Nana Mhlongo

Wedding Stationery

Gijima Printers did our name floor printing for us .

The Reception and Entertainment

Hahaha I didn't take any dancing lessons even Dore I have 2 left feet