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Jané Barnard

Married on Jul 22, 2017 in Gauteng

Francois and I met in the beautiful town, Sabie in Mpumalanga.
It's a long and quite funny story, here goes!
I've made friends with people here, since I started working as a teacher at the High School.
Francois and I met through these mutual friends. But with a twist .. his best friend, who worked with him, said that Francois should stay away from me, because he liked me. The guy tried everything, but I only had eyes for Francois!
A friend invited us to his 25th birthday party .. on haloween. Francois pitched as Baby Spiderman and I went as Catwoman .. since then, we never stopped seeing each other. ❤


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How did your love story begin?


Francois and I both went to the dress up party and we just clicked. We were getting on, actually, too well. He gave me his number and I messaged him the next morning. It was supposed to be coffee, but plans changed and he took me to a family gathering.
Every night since that day he had coffee at my house ..

Tell us all about the proposal.


Well, Francois has been married before. His wife passed away in a car accident and he survived. They had a little boy together. And he was the one who actually asked me.

My mom and grandma was visiting me in Sabie for the weekend, and Francois had other plans!
He said he had to work the Saturday, which was not strange, because some Saturdays they use to make up time.
My mom, grandma and me went to the mall .. but had to be back at 2 pm so Francois could go and show me what he had to do at work.
We went to Lonecreek Waterfall and his little boy was with us.
He showed me what he was planning to do .. and suddenly he turned around and said we had to go. I had no idea what was going on. As I turned around to walk away .. he was on his knee and Renard, his son, held the ring.
I bent down .. and Renard asked, " Will you be the Mommy in our house, please?"
Francois and I both started crying .. and I said, "YES!"

Magical Moments


The moment I walked into the chapel, I only had eyes for him. I couldn't look away.

The time we had after taking photos and just before we entered the reception, we just sat and talked. That was so special .. realizing that, "Hey .. we really are married!"

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My Special Day

For my wedding look I wanted to go classy. No frills and twists!
Angelic Allure did my make up .. and she is the best in the business!
My wedding dress was nothing what I looked for, but everything I wanted! Eurobride Pretoria wowed me!
My jewellery was my something old .. my swarovski earings and bracelet went so well with my look!

The Venue

We got married just outside Heidelberg, Gauteng.
Lezar Opstal and Wedding Venue.
Family stayed on the venue .. and other guests stayed on guest farms nearby.