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Jacqueline Naidoo

Married on Jul 1, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


Our love story began in 2010. And almost 7 years later we couldn't wait to seal our love and our future as one. In the last years we have shared many laughs and many tears and moments of exquisite highs and utter lows. Our souls have become one in this time.

So often we are mistaken to be brother and sister and have been told that we look so similar and complement each other so perfectly. It warms my heart deeply to hear this, not only because we appear on the surface to be this way, but he is my soul mate, through and through. He completes me as well as compliments all aspects of my life – emotionally, physically, spiritually and soulfully. We have a deep understanding of each other. He is my best friend, my protector, my provider, the greatest love of my life and the one I want to grow old and grey with.

When Brandon asked me to marry him, I will never forget that moment. I froze; I think my heart even skipped a few beats. Time stopped, so much was said between us just by looking into each other’s eyes. I could see my happily ever after, looking into his eyes. I could see this man with me for the rest of my life. In those few moments of frozen time, I could see him, standing there at the end of the alter waiting for me, by my side at the hospital bed when our children will be born, baby dedications, driving with him with kids buckled up in the back in car seats, going on holiday. I could see us doing bicycle training with the kids, school concerts, moments filled with laughter and priceless memories, birthday candle moments, graduation ceremonies, attending our own children’s weddings, and becoming grandparents ourselves, oh so much! In our story of ever after, Brandon and I are living the best life that God planned for us both. I truly believe that we did not choose each other but God selected us for the other.

We’ve received advice from family and friends during our courtship, to always remember that we started off as best friends and to never become enemies. God has always had centre stage and focus in our relationship and now during our engagement and will continue to be Number One in our marriage. We know that marriage is going to be hard work, but we also know that it’s going to be so worth all the work and effort and we are so ready.

So this brand new, completely unknown chapter where we start off with new roles as husband and wife truly deserves to be the grandest of celebrations, a celebration of honour and respect to our parents and families, and thankfulness and gratitude to our God and Father above, for keeping us under His covering and carrying our young love through the years. We have prayed that every person that attends our ceremony is blessed and senses God’s presence and a piece of heaven and has the greatest time spent with us as they celebrate and bless our union. We want truly magnificent memories right from the start.

The Honeymoon


We left to the Drakensburg on a midlands meander :)

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I had a gypsy bride look with ice white satin and diamante on my gown. The long sleeves was made of lace and diamante, matching the bodice. My extra long hair had soft shimmery loose curls done by my lovely hair dresser. I also had on a pure white veil with diamante on the edges. My jewellery was minimal due to the extravagant work on my gown, so I had on only 1 chocker made of swarovski crystals and a tiara to keep in place my veil.

The Venue

We married in Richards Bay, which is on the North Coast in KZN. Most of our guests travelled from afar and did stay over, at the Richards Hotel and Protea Mvubu Lodge.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My 2 sisters treated me to facials and massages and pedis months before the actual wedding date. I didn't realise that the stress would intensify as the months drew closer but they spoiled me and pampered me with special decadent treats. My fiancé and I also started eating better in trying to both lose a bit of weight before our big day. We started doing brisk walking in the afternoons to get us going, moving and active. The week before our wedding, I had a deep cleanse facial done and a completed a glow bridal session with tons and tons of pamper and spoils.

Wedding Elements

The wedding venue was set out to create a rustic feel with wood chips and hay and pellet furniture. There were large lit lamps all over to create a warm pleasant ambience for our guests with lots and lots of baby breaths and green foliage and light pinks and purples.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom has his 3 groomsmen all navy blue suits with tan formal shoes and belts with a rose in their lapel.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My 3 girls...both my sisters and sister in law to be were my bridesmaids. They all wore matching pale blush pink dresses with a deep burgundy bouquet in hand and with rose gold accessories and nude colour high heels.

Marriage Officer

Pastor Larry Chasenski was our Officiating Minister

My Captured Moments

We enlisted the services of Tanja du Plessis

The Wedding Planner

No...both my sisters and my mum and dad were my coordinators and they were all exceptional at the tasks delegated :)

Wedding Transport

I was chauffeur driver to the Church by a Mercedes AMG white in colour and my fiancé was driven in a M5 Sport BMW also in white.

Wedding Transport

I was chauffeur driver to the Church by a Mercedes AMG white in colour and my fiancé was driven in a M5 Sport BMW also in white.

Food & Cake

We enlisted the services of a muslim cook to prepare our scrumptious meals on the day. We had lamb biryani and chicken biryani and vegetable biryani and lots of pickles and salads and for dessert we had mouth watering butter soji and cream.

Wedding Stationery

We used the services of a local company who were amazing!

The Reception and Entertainment

A few months before the wedding we did go for classes for ballroom dancing to brush up for our first dance together. It was so much of fun and the first dance was so emotional and so perfect. We had a sound engineer assist with the technical aspects like speakers and the disco lights and music selector. Everything flowed so easily and the evening was simply a dream come true.