Married on Jul 22, 2017 in Gauteng

Our sparks began in 2011. We met each other through my brother, who is also Kyle’s best friend. I had however been living abroad, so we only saw each other occasionally. Despite the distance and no confessions of any feelings at the time, today we both agree that already then, we knew. Four years later, the confessions finally surfaced and from then on, we have truly been inseparable.

The proposal-

He surprised me one morning with a fully packed bag, and the only info I was given was that we were going on a surprise trip. When we arrived at the airport, the destination was of course revealed and I just couldn’t contain my excitement! Seychelles…. a dream come true! On our second evening, we went for a walk on the beach. It had been overcast, almost our entire trip, but the clouds seemed to clear up and the beautiful sunset prevailed just in time for the proposal. I knew something was up, because he had been acting very strange. In the way it happened though, I did not expect! He made a "wall" with the beach sand and asked me to come over and help get the phone at an angle, to take a self timed photo. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't just use the selfie stick we had? Then he pulled me over, closer to where the waves were lapping over onto the shore, and got down on one knee... it was only at that moment that I realized, why all the silliness!

This I will keep in my heart, forever.


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Magical Moments


The constant excitement felt on our special day!

Seeing each other for the first time on our day, which included seeing my groom cry when his eyes met with mine, and at that moment I could no longer contain my tears!

Signing the registry and it feeling so surreal!

Dancing with all of our loved ones, so much happiness in one room!

Going to sleep after all the rush was over, never felt so blessed and happy before!

The Honeymoon


We weren't able to take leave for longer than 4 days after the wedding. It was short, but didn't take away from our beautiful location- Clarens, situated in the Free State and only minutes away from Golden Gate National Park, a must see! We are planning our real honeymoon for December.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wore an A-line, off white, Enzoani. The top half made of the softest lace I’ve ever seen and felt! The straps also made of delicate lace with an open back. The skirt’s lining was tight fitted, to show my shape, with two layers of tulle over that. The perfect combination of being beautifully flowy and at the same time able to embrace your body’s natural curves. I wanted to go for something classic, that could not be replicated. My beautiful dress definitely achieved that!

My shoes were white, satin material, peep-toe, Anella wedding shoes. With a tiny bit of bling around the top border. They were overall very comfortable and not too high-heeled.

I wanted to keep my makeup as natural as possible, so we used the airbrush foundation method, with a medium colored eye look and natural lips too. My hair was curled, half up and half down, with Fynbos flowers incorporated.

My jewelry, I bought at the bridal boutique. I chose a V-shaped necklace with pearls and diamantes, along with matching earrings. My lingerie, including bridal gown, was from La Senza and Bras n Things. I didn't spend much money on my garter, as it was, traditionally, tossed away.

I was extremely happy with every decision of the chosen looks! :-)

The Venue

We got married in Muldersdrift, at the stunning Avianto! All of our guests, including ourselves made use of the venue's accommodation.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

It was really tough keeping a constant weight in the two months before the wedding. I unfortunately didn't manage to find anything that helped, so I reduced my weight training and even though barely hungry, tried to be persistent about eating small meals up to 6 times, daily. I've always been quite pedantic about my skin routine, so that didn't change much. I added a micro needling treatment, each month, for two months, prior to the wedding. A week before the wedding I went for a high frequency session, just to calm my skin and prevent any surprises. I also did my best to take the necessary supplements for internal and external health. I had my favorite set of nails done- faded French, with a touch of extra sparkle for the occasion. I was lucky enough to have time for a few massages to help de-stress, and would highly recommend this! Above all, remember to hydrate!

Wedding Elements

Our day was definitely about simplicity, with nothing over the top. Our colors were mostly pastels, ballet pink, mint, and biscotti with a touch of hessian and silver. Our flowers were Cape Proteas, and King Proteas, each arrangement personally chosen. The center pieces on the guests tables all had warm fairy lights included, surrounded by candles. The tiffany chairs, under plates and table runners were silver. Everything came together perfectly.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a classic black suit, from Carducci, with a white shirt. His waist coat and tie was mint colored, from Bride & Co. Best man was also dressed in a black suit and a white shirt, with a biscotti colored waist coat and tie, also from Bride & Co. Their shoes from Woolworths, and the groom also accessorized with a special touch, wearing his fathers 30 year old Da Vinci tie clip and cuff links.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Soft pink with a touch of lace, and believe it or not, from YDE.

Who was your marriage officer?

Alistair Westcott was our pastor, and he really gave the most beautiful sermon for our big day. Couldn't have chosen better!

My Captured Moments

Our photographers were a stunning team, Lucinda and Karel, from One Fine Day. Without their amazing expertise, and ability to make us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, we would not have the wonderful picture perfect memories that they have documented for us!

The Wedding Planner

We did not have a wedding planner, but a wedding coordinator. Enes was a star throughout the process!

Tell us about your wedding transport.

As our entire wedding party slept over at the venue, we did not have wedding transport.

Food & Cake

All of our food was supplied by our wedding venue, Avianto. We were so pleased with the outcome of the entire menu, from canapés to dessert! Everything was spectacular! Originally, we wanted cheese wheels for our wedding cake. However, our canapés already included a wide selection of cheese. We decided to give the novelty of a wedding cake a skip, as it would have been a waste, with such a small guest list. No regrets on this! :-)

Wedding Stationery

Our stationary was basically DIY. We even did the invites ourselves, online! The whole experience of this saved a lot of time and extra money.

The Party and Entertainment

I've always had trouble dancing with anybody, until I danced with my husband. We automatically follow each other, and have never really had trouble. So, no we did not take dancing lessons. The party was awesome, and we ensured it would be enjoyable for all ages! Our lighting and music was done by AMA Promotions, we were really happy with their service!

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