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Chan Snow

Married on Jul 7, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


It was the end of the bittersweet beginning. The knight in shining armor took his leave and the princess mourned and grieved for what was almost 2 years. A love story that started with ending that can only be explained by the will of God, as I always say "Let your will be done Lord". A precious little girl formed by two lovers more in love than ever before but that love was "at the wrong place at the wrong time". Maturity is only learned through the hardships of life, so we learned, we suffered, we endured.

What seemed, what only can be described as a miracle from above, 18 months later the prince found his way back to the princess, this time it was the right time at the right place. A divine hand from the heavens steered them together, wound the strings that was once broken and sealed them back together with gold, not to be broken again. The flame of this love was burning brighter than ever before and the prince made his princess the Queen of his heart forevermore.

Tell us all about the proposal.


As the cool summer breeze blew over the glistering sea, I was lead into the cold, cold sea. Our daughter squealing with delight as the waves tickled her little bare body. She was in her element as mommy and daddy pushed her high up in the air and caught her just before her feet touched the water. In a moment that will forever be frozen in time, he swooped me into his arms, the current gently tugging us to and fro, I saw the shy smile on his face as he lower further down the water and pulled a ring from the string that he ties his pants with and there it was, the proposal I have always dreamed about. The question that sealed our fates together forever, "will you be my queen in this life and the next", Yes, yes in this life and the next.

Magical Moments


As I reached the alter walking down with my mother, we saw our transport racing down, brown dust following it its tracks. WE forgot the bouquets, all of us, the bridesmaids and myself. After laughing it off, my one bridesmaid started fluttering around behind me and as I looked up a bee flew into my vale and not only did I almost run away from the isle and my husband to be but my bridesmaid got stung by another bee. When the time came of which I thought I would kiss my husband to be, the pastor announced that we need to sign the register first, standing there astonished and surprised I asked allowed "when am I kissing my husband" and laughter followed. As we started taking photos in the park (its a public park) a gentleman and his two dogs came strolling past, so we have some strangers pups in our photos too :-)

The Honeymoon


We unfortunately did not go on honeymoon, it was just not financially in the cards for us but we are happy nonetheless

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

For starters, my wedding dressed was borrowed from my bridesmaid, my hair had extension pieces in that I bought at the China mall by Hillfox in the Westrand. Shoes I oped for my favorite flat boots, the terrain was a bit uneven, lingerie just consisted of a cotton white number, the jewelry was also purchased at China mall and the accessories were supplied by my mom. I had a second dress for the evening, a stunning dusty pink ball gown, rented from Dream Bride in Krugersdorp

The Venue

We decided on the Golden Harvest Park in Northriding, the scenery was just too stunning to pass up and we also paid for our own wedding which we had to plan a bit more creatively. Our ceremony only had 15 people of which was only our family and very close friends. Afterwards we had a quick lunch at Joshua Tree in Northlands and the reception was at non other than the famous Copperlake Brewing Co. It was one of the most untraditional, fun and relaxed weddings ever. WE had so much fun.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Actually nothing, I kept to my normal eating routine and made sure I didnt eat junk food. It was really chilled

Wedding Elements

We opted for a more rustic natural, minimalist look. All the decor was self made, I made all the roses out of crepe paper and the greenery was from a very close friends family garden. The morning was in the open air and the evening lights were supplied by the Copperlake Brewing Co, we were also blessed by a fantastic lady - DJ Tammy - she gave the evening DJ music for us as a gift.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen all wore suits of their own, shirts of their own, the ties and pocket squares was rented from Dream Bride in Krugersdorp

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My maid of honor wore a dress she wore to her sisters wedding and my bridesmaid bought her dress from YDE in Cradlestone Mall, they also wore boots of their own. We found what would work with the theme

My Captured Moments

We had two photograpers - Ivan Tinkler from Image Africa and Tayla van Rensburg from Tayla van Rensburg Photography.

They were both so professional and had totally different styles that gave us a variety of different looks. All the photos were taken with natural lighting and no props were used

The Wedding Planner

I managed the ceremony proceedings with the help of my bridal party and Bianca, the events manager from Copperlake Brewing Co managed the evening proceedings as well as did the decor set up with Nick the Manager, we did not know what the evening reception would look like until we got there, it was a surprise.

Wedding Transport

a very good friend of mine drove me to the reception in his Range Rover

Food & Cake

We ordered platters from the Copperlake Brewing Co and we didnt have a cake, non traditional

Wedding Stationery

I designed our save the dates, invites and thank you's on Evite

The Reception and Entertainment

It was the party of the year, we didnt take dance lessons we opted for just dancing with the music that was played, our entrance song however was from Justin Timberlake - Cant stop the feeling - such a happy song. DJ Tammy did our sound and lighting was supplied by the Copperlake Brewing Co. We also had the South African Bagpipe group at the Brewery that played two songs complimentary for us which was very unexpected - The Flower of Scotland and Scotland the Brave.

The bought and garter dance was changed to a beerpong challenge between the two winners and their hand picked teams, there was also giant genga for the more patient of people

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