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Andrea Louw

Married on Jul 1, 2017 in North West Province


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Magical Moments


When does one start. The whole day was one of the best days of my life.

On our first session with our Paster after we got engaged, he said if it rains on our wedding day we shouldn't worry about it because it means good luck will come and its a blessing from God. In that moment I realised something and told him that I wouldn't mind because the day Hardus (my husband) asked met to be his girlfriend, was a cloudy and rainy day. The years passed and the day he finally asked me to be his wife, we had the same cloudy rainy weather. So after 6 months of planning the 1st of July finally came. Because it was in the winter the possibility of rain was scarce. But I woke up to the sound of light rain falling down and my heart filled up with happiness and because of the rain that morning I was as calm as could be. It only continued for about 2 hours and then the day turned into a beautiful sunny day. For me it was a clear sign we were doing the right thing and it might sound like a cliché, but I thought the rain was sent just for my husband and I that day.

The day continued and I had a blast getting ready with a few of my family, bridesmaids and my parents. Everyone was having a great time making breakfast getting ready and catching up. As always my mom was full of jokes and made all of us laugh and being her lovely self. She was there the whole time making sure everything is running smooth. My father and I had a great time practising our father and daughter dance and the time flew by so fast.

It was only when my talented beautiful friend started doing my makeup and I heard my soon to be husbands voice (I never saw him, only heard his voice for a second when he brought our flowers) that I started crying and realised when I see him again, we would finally be together forever and never have to worry about losing each other. It was our day.

The moment it truly hit me that we were getting married was the moment my father and I stood in front of the chapel doors. The sound of the music, having my father next to me for the best moment of my life, the doors opening and the moment I saw him everything hit me with a bang. I started crying and it felt like I was running towards him. Every moment I looked at him and saw him crying I cried even more. Those where the happies tears of my life.

The cutest moment was while we were busy in front with our Paster and he was giving the most beautiful message, my brother in law was busy getting his 2 year old son (the cutest little boy) ready to bring us the rings. All of us suddenly heard him say "where's Hadus" in the cutest confused voice and then he came running with the rings. It made all of us laugh and made my day.

The day continued truly great for us. We came back from taking photos and had a beautiful moment where we danced for the first time as husband and wife. The father and daugter dance was very special and we all ended up dancing together, my husband, my father, his mother and my sisters.

There was no stress involved, no one was running around sorting things out. Everyone enjoyed the wedding cake and the food was amazing! Almost everyone went for seconds.

The speeches were very emotional and everyone spoke from the heart. All of us were crying and both my husband and I realised that we are truly blessed with all the love we have in our life from our family and friends.

The only sad part about it was how fast the time passed. This was one day we will never forget and I will cherich the memory forever.

The Honeymoon


The next day. After we had a lovely breakfast at out beautiful venue, Around the world wedding venue. We went home and started to pack for the honeymoon.

The honeymoon was kept a secret until the day we climed in the car and I saw the GPS. We went to a lovely self catering cottage with a beautiful view of the ocean 100 meters away from us in Port Shepstone.

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

We chose Around the World Wedding Venue. For us it was the perfect fit for our winter wedding. The venue had the most beautiful rustic feel to it and stunning chapel. The owners helped us with everything and prepared the most delicious food.

Our venue was a 20km drive from potchefstroom, so no one felt the need to sleeping over.

My husband and I slept over that night. They have the most beautiful rooms available.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

The weeks leading up to the wedding, I started doing more exercise and my stunning friend helped me every step of the way. That talented friend of mine also did a amazing job with my makeup on the wedding day.

I went to the hairdressers to add highlights in my hair. I am lucky to say that my hairdresser is my sister and she did a amazing job with my hair on the wedding day.

I went to Origin Skin Studio to do my nails, I went for a more nude look. It was a nice catchup session with a close friend, who is one of the best in her line of work.

When it came to "other" beauty treatments (I also studied beauty therapy) I handled those myself. ;)

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My handsome husband got his suite from Smart Guy here in potchefstroom. His shoes and belt he got from Woolworths. He wore a beautiful navy suit, white button up shut, navy tie, a brown belt and brown shoes. He knocked me right of my feet when I saw him on the wedding day.

The groomsmen wore white button up long sleeve shirts, khaki coloured chino's and brown shoes. Unfortunately I cannot provide you with where they got their clothing. They went to different shops. All of the groomsmen looked stunning.