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Vicky Van Zyl

Married on Jun 3, 2017 in Mpumalanga


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How did your love story begin?


he walked into the office where i used to work. He made me smile and took away the fear that was growing inside of me. He gave me hope. With his kindness i could believe again in myself. So when he left that afternoon he
Took my heart. Like a school boy he "liked" old photos on my facbook just to let me know his has been digging. So he liked a photos so i liked a photo. For a week each day. Untill he asked me out on a date. And one date become a few and then after 4 date i left my life behind in a small town and moved to the city with a heart full of dreams. Everyday has been a joyful journey... one little girl and 4 years later we got married on Mauritius beach. Living the dream.

Magical Moments


The cristal clear water shining like diamonds behind the most beautiful man smiling back at me while our daughter playing in the water beside us. Tropical weather and sunshine just like our future together

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