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Ebie Watts

Married on Jun 3, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Our wedding was planned foe 7 October, had the venue and everything, however, we discovered I am pregnant. We decided to bump up the wedding as I didnt want to get married with a huge uncomfortable belly. Once our family and friends found out, things happened fast, and they organized our wedding within three weeks. It was intimate and beautiful, only our closest family and friends. As with all weddings, a few things went way wrong, like being late for my hair and make up appointment, forgetting my hair piece, no hot water to bathe or wash my hair, loosing my earring and being late for the wedding. But the moment I walked down the isle and saw the look on my husband's face...the whole world just melted away. He whispered 'Oh you look so beautiful' the moment I got close to him, and started crying while saying his vows. It was one of the most incredible and beautiful moments in my life. What made it more special, we did not have the usual reception but rather opted for potjiekos and sitting around a bon fire just chatting and enjoying each other's company.

The Honeymoon


Nope, as the wedding was bumped up and we now have baby on the way, there was no time or finances to make this happen.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

We chose a laid back farm theme and I wanted to fit in with the theme but still be myself. My entire wardrobe was thrown together by family and it all came together and fit so beautifully. I chose a silver evening dress, plain but stunning. Silver shoes and a fine silver jewelery collection of earrings, a necklace and watch completed the look. My hair was done by a niece and was done half up, half down, just as I wanted. It looked beautiful. I had a bouqet of white cala lillies and a single sunflower, my favorite flowers.

The Venue

We got married on a relative's farmholding in Bapsfontein. It was a small and intimate garden wedding with potjiekos and bon fires afterwards.

Wedding Elements

The decor was done by my cousin and her in-laws and was beautifully and tastefully. The colours was silver, pink and purple. It was stunning!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My hubby and my son wore black trousers with white button shorts with silver jackets. My aunt made the jackets whick were stunning!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

We did not have any bridesmaids except my 6 year old daughter. She looked very cute in a pink dress and her hair all in curls, but she absolutely refused to take part in the wedding or be in any of the photos.

Marriage Officer

Our favorite uncle and my hubby's other father married us, making it all even more special.

My Captured Moments

Our other cousin was our fotographer and she took the most beautiful photos!

Food & Cake

Our families and friends again got together to have a meal prepared. Our aunt, who also made the groom's jacket, made our wedding cake, which was soooo beautiful and so delicious! Our uncle and my father-in-law made the potjies, and between our mothers, sisters and cousins the snacks and desserts etc was made, all so delicious!