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Deana Strijdom

Married on Jun 10, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


We went to the same high school but there is a two year difference. The day I started with my first day of high school, Duan and his friends were sitting on the pavilion and he spotted me. He then told his friends that he is going to marry that girl with the "boudjies" someday. All through high school he had a crush on me but was waayy too shy to ever have a conversation with me. The year after I finished high school we as a group of friends decided to go to the Innibos festival. We went to go and see the Jack Parrow show (not that either of us are big fans, but most of our friends were fans so we sticked with the group). We ended up standing next to each other and Duan noticed that I can't see a single thing going on on the stage (I'm a shorty) and he offered to pick me up on his shoulders so I could have a better view. We sticked together for the rest of the night and talked a lot and I vaguely remembered him promising me a dance but never got to it. A few weeks after the festival, I honestly could still not stop thinking about him and I decided to post on his Facebook wall reminding him that he still owed me a dance. We started chatting and he then asked me on our first date, a picnic at the Pretoria Zoo. And well, the rest is history.

Tell us all about the proposal.


We were a few months away from our first "Big Trip" wich was a 2 week vacation in Thailand. I started to get the feeling that the big question was close so then I told him that I hope he's not going to ask me when we're in Thailand because that's almost a bit obvious. His first plan was to ask me on the plane on our way to Thailand but he was scared that they will ask him to declare the ring at the airport and the surprise would then be ruined. So he phoned his sister who works with aviation insurance and asked her if she maybe knows someone who would be willing to take us for a "joy ride" with a plane or helicopter. She phoned him after a few days telling him that she found someone that is willing to take us for a joy ride around joburg as the sun goes down without asking us a penny for the trip! How amazing is this?! He then phoned me and told me that his sister phoned him and asked him if we were willing to go on this helicopter trip with one of her clients so that he can get passanger hours for his license, to me this sounded really legitimate. So on the 10th of October 2015, 5 days before our big trip to Thailand, he popped the question as we were flying over Johannesburg with the most amazing sunset I have ever seen! The moment couldn't have been more perfect!

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The Venue

We got married at the Stunning Imperfect Perfection! From the minute we walked in there they treated us like (I know it sounds cliche) Family! Every single person working there always has a smile on their faces! This is just the most perfect place to get married!

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