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Yoane Human

Married on May 6, 2017 in Limpopo

We had a lovely weekend getaway with our family and friends in the beautiful waterbergs. We got married on a game farm which we created into a wedding venue. We did all the arrangements ourselves. It was a lot of work and stressful at times but sooo worth it!

As a HMUA (Hair & Makeup Artist) myself, I am constantly working on weddings where I get to make brides pretty for their big day. I've always thought 'I cannot wait for my big day where I will be the one getting pampered'... Long story big day came & it was one of the best days of my life!

I get wedding blues at least once a week... I scroll through our wedding photos & videos numerous times & it brings tears to my eyes every time. I have been dreaming of this day for far too long and the fact that its over, makes me feel so nostalgic! I


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How did your love story begin?


He was only my crossfit coach at first! He was a friend of ours as I dated another guy for 4 years at the time...after all the heartache André was there to support me & soon become my one & only!

Tell us all about the proposal.


He planned doing it in Namibia over a December holiday but as we got on top of the dune, a guy got sick and threw up which spoiled the entire moment..a few months after that we got engaged at their guest house! There was a lovely champagne breakfast set up & then he took me out for a stroll...opened one door with a big banner hanging there & that is when he got on one knee!

Magical Moments


Gosh where do I start! EVERYTHING was special & a highlight in my life...The walking down the isle, reading our vowels, the speeches, the first dance etc! But what I would say was a special highlight & big surprise for the guests was me & my dads dance. We started with a slow dance & ended up on the Party Rock Anthem which was so much fun!

The Honeymoon


Yes best thing ever after all the stress of a wedding day. We had best of both. Mauritius for the whole beach/summer vibe! And then we went to Crystal Springs where it was cold - perfect weather to snuggle in front of the fire with red wine.. We love the outdoors so went hiking etc as well!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Makeup was done by myself - little bit of a cat shaped eye with lashes & subtle lips

Hair was done by one of my lovely friends/bridesmaids - loose with curls at the edges and a fish tail in the middle back part

Dress - I bought from Bridal Wardrobe & was by the collection Blue By Enzoani. It was very tight with thin straps & it had diamonds on the straps. The back was low with lace around. The dress was plain & only had lace at the top and at the very end of the dress. This has been the dress I've ALWAYS dreamed about - exactly what I wanted!!!

Shoes - very plain nude shoes from Steve Madden. It had a slight heel and thin strap over the bridge of the foot.

Lingerie - If I tell you, I might have to kill you :)

Jewellery - I only wore rosegold hanging earrings from Lovisa

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe is the leading stockist of all Enzoani Collections in South Africa and caters for the modern bride who wants to be at the forefront of the latest designer trends.

The Venue

We got married at a game farm in the Waterbergs. It was a weekend wedding so guests stayed over!
It was the combination of the stunning bushveld, waterbergs in the background & wild animals!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Honestly I didn't have time for too much of this as I planned my own wedding. It was so stressful and there was still much left to do even the week before the wedding. And I was sick the week before, on my wedding day & even at the first part of honeymoon. But I have always believed in a healthy lifestyle which I try to maintain throughout the year!

Wedding Elements

Even though we got married outside in the bushveld, I still wanted it to be elegant.

Ceremony - We got married under a big Marula Tree in the middle of the bush with the waterbergs in the background. There was white drapings in the tree & eucalyptus flowers everywhere. The chairs was golden tiffany chairs & there was a white carpet for me to walk down on. There was a white door in the middle of the bush where I came through.

Reception - we hired a big white marquees tent filled with a white dance floor and wooden tables. We had golden tiffany chairs with white seating cushions. The decor was soft and mainly consisted of whites, golds and greens. I mostly had eucalyptus flowers with a soft white & pink flower here and there. We had lights everywhere..fairy lights, lanterns, candles, bond fires etc!

It was beautiful!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

They were 8 so it was difficult finding in every guy's size. But they had butterscotch / khaki colored pants with light grey button-up shirts. Only my husband wore a blazer jacket as well which was a darker grey than the shirt. Their belts and shoes were brown. They bought it at various places such as Superbalist, PNP Clothing and Mr Price.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I've always wanted my bridesmaids to also wear a cream or light pink colour. Plain but sexy was the idea and after a loooong search we finally got exactly that. We bought their dresses online from Superbalist. It was tight dresses & it was between a cream and salmon pink colour with a lower back & a slit in front. The front part came up high around the neck which is trending now. They wore a thin gold waist belt with any nude or golden wedge they could find. Their hair was in a loose side plait and they wore dark burgandy lips and nails. They looked SUPER HOT! They may have taken eyes off the bride :)

Marriage Officer

My dad married us! YAY so special...

My Captured Moments

We did not make use of a photo booth.

We loved both our Photographer & Videographer. Not only did they capture amazing moments but they were so professional and so much fun.

-Photos thanks to Francois from Faded Edges

-Video thanks to Jaun from First Kiss

The Wedding Planner

Yes but I'd say we leave it there ;(

Wedding Transport

Very expensive because the venue was 200km outside Pretoria from where we live.

We had to pay a travelling fee to each and every company & thing that had to make its way to the game, tables, chairs, marquees tent, flowers etc!

Food & Cake

Sydney from Union Caterers was in charge of the food. May I just say AMAZING TEAM! They have 2 trucks - one with stoves, ovens etc as they prepare their food fresh on the day. And the other truck brought all the waiters and barmen. They were so professional and friendly and I got a lot of compliments on the food!

My sister in law referred me to her Aunt which made my lovely wedding cake. Thank you aunty Dot!

Wedding Stationery

Christelle! She is amazing!

She was a school friend of my brother & now has her own designing business called Vintigo Design & Branding. She is very creative & provides great work!

The Reception and Entertainment

Yes we took dancing lessons and it was so much fun! We and my husband performed a dramatic slow dance with lifts in the air etc. We dances to Tonight Tonight from the Smashing Pumpkins

Starlight sounds did the lights and music. They were great & were prepared to play music till we finished dancing. They had beautiful lights and a smoking machine which created a magical moment for us while we did our dance!

Wedding Services Used

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe is the leading stockist of all Enzoani Collections in South Africa and caters for the modern bride who wants to be at the forefront of the latest designer trends.