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Vicky Grobler

Married on May 13, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


A day never to be forgotten... To start the day off, my parents and I had a little bit of car trouble... We had to reverse into the wedding venue, due to the car's inability to drive forward!... Never the less, I got there. Before going into the bridal suite to get ready for this exciting day, I quickly went sped off to have a sneak peak at our wedding hall... And bumped into my fiancé.. Oops!

Expecting nerves to strike at any moment, the bridesmaids, the mothers and I... and my amazing team of photographers, (mentioned below), had such fun getting ready, stress was never really an issue.

Oh, did I mention it was raining?!..

Time to go to the church... But wait... Where's my dad?... Please someone just call my dad??
All ready to go!..

The song started playing, it was time for me to go get married to the best man ever!! So much excitement!!.. Don't walk too fast.. Slow down... Giggling as I walked down the aisle... The look on his face, the tears rolling down his cheek... A memory imprinted forever.. And finally, I was in the arms of the man I love... Apparently you shouldn't kiss your husband before the wedding ceremony starts... Oops again..

Nothing could spoil this day for us, not any superstition, and most definitely not the weather... The day was just perfect!

We joined the guests at the pre-drinks, waiting to see if the weather would allow us to take some nice "kiekies".. Not long after the rain subsided... The photographers took the most amazing photos anyone could dream of. Even with a muddy dress, it still looked damn good... Guess the cowboy boots wasn't such a bad idea after all. Back to the superstition, they say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day, so it must have cancelled out all the other oopsies...

The evening was magical, the reception even more beautiful with all the candles lit. Our first dance, felt like we were dancing in the clouds... Slippery, wet clouds, but still, it made nice photos!! Oh, and it was cold! Extremely cold, according to everybody else.. Maybe I had too much adrenaline, because the weather was perfect..

There's not a single thing I would change if I can do it all over again... Our wedding was perfect!

The Honeymoon


Our amazing honeymoon started in Athens, Greece, on to Santorini and ended in Mykonos... What an amazing experience it was with my husband..

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The wedding was timeless, elegant, a fairy tale to say the least. A princess type of dress.. Lace with a touch of sparkel, complemented by the stunning jewellery, all from Werner Dey. Long blonde waves, created by a friend, and natural makeup by Candi Makeup, made it all so perfect... And for the final touch... Cowboy boots!!

The Venue

We got married at the most beautiful venue called Memoire... The gardens, the woods, the bridal suite, everything about that place is just unbelievable and magical. The services was from the highest quality, as can be expected from the exceptional Jaco Knight. If there is one man you want at your wedding, except the man you're getting married to, it's him!! He made sure everything went perfectly. He touched up my lipgloss, he managed things behind the scenes that we don't even know about. He even washed my dress after we took photos and it was all muddy!!!

Some guests stayed in their lovely accommodation, while others stayed at nearby places.

Memoire... Where every moment is a memory!

Wedding Elements

The decor and flowers were done by Zavion Kotze Events Company. The flower and decor complemented the venue and our weddings elegant and timeless feel.

My Captured Moments

Our memories was captured by In Abundance Photography.
What can I say about these two lovely ladies.. They are incredible! Their work is a form of art. They captured the most beautiful photos on our wedding day, even though it rained. Everybody can take nice photos when it's not raining, but it takes a special kind of talent to take such amazing photos when it's rainy and cloudy. Besides their excellent work and professionality they are so much fun to have around and to be around with. They even got my husband to smile for photos!!

Food & Cake

The venue prepared the food, and it was from the highest standards!... Our guests could not stop talking about how great the food was, to this day we get compliments on the food.

Kelly Jayne provided us with an amazing stylish cake.

Wedding Services Used