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Vanessa Van Onselen

Married on May 13, 2017 in Gauteng

My perfectly Inperfect wedding

My wedding day started like any other... a stressed out bridezilla awaiting her transformation to a princess.

A beautiful outside ceremony waiting just for me, a stunning garden for photos of my amazing new husband and I to cherish our special day and a reception where we can celebrate our unity.

It all seemed so perfect, I couldn't wait for that moment I could really be a bride. That was until I was faced with one of the coldest days I could imagine, and a dress fit for the summer.

And so the transformation continues, the cold won't stop my husband from seeing his beautiful bride goosebumps and all, but then the rain started... rain, outside ceremony... what now?

After a tiresome run from the guesthouse to the chapel and back several times, my bridesmaids, wedding planner and wedding co-odenator (to whom I owe everything) were ready to present me with the inside ceremony compromise. But we where faced with one problem, a garden blocking my way into the chapel... but thats not going to stop me.

When the time came we all ventured down to the chapel with hands full umbrellas and arms full off dress, made our way through the garden now covered with sail as a makeshift pathway, struggling not to lose our balance (heels, you know...), not get the dress full mud and make the entrance on queue. I then ended up behind a curtain waiting for my turn to enter, you know, when ever my flower girl (2 years old) decides to actually walk down the aisle, at which point her mommy decided to stand in for her daughter. (Priceless moment). With nerves pumping through my veins and goosebumps all over, it was finally time, and it was at that moment when I saw his face, my soon-to-be husband, that bridezilla become bride.

After the ceremony and compromised photos, due to the rain, it was time to enter the reception as Mr. And Mrs. Van Onselen. The guests started to applaud and then we were seated at the bride and groom table, and then... silence... and more silence. "What do we do now?" My husband asked, "I don't know" I replied. And after yet another brief silence, he decided to wave, and so did I.

When the time came for our first dance (that we spent a lot of time practising) and we stood face to face, we came to the realisation that we had forgotten everything. So we improvised by guiding each other on what we think we should do next during the dance and I'm happy to say it worked.

The night continued with a lot of dancing, where I tripped several times over my dress which resulted in my dance partners pulling off great dips in an attempt to catch me, chatting and having a good time, and let's not forget about the random drunk guy passed out in the corner.

When the night came to an end I then thought to myself that it was such an amazing and fun filled evening and that it was because of my great family, friends and gorgeous new husband that I would do the entire day all over again and change absolutely nothing, that it was because of them that my inperfect wedding turned out absolutely perfect.


Dress - Roedolf D Couture
Hair - Marietjie Fourie
Venue - Olympus Manor
Music - Music Flair
Florist - Dream Canvas
Cake - Bite-Sized Bee
Photographer - Ezetna Bam
Makeup - Nici B


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