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Nelanie Van Schalkwyk

Married on May 1, 2017 in Gauteng

I have prayed to God for a friend in marriage. I received a date and a promise in the book of Esther chapter 2. Esther will meet her king in one year after preperation. So the date at that stage was May 2014. And the promised date was May 2015. For one year I prepared myself by going to the gim and pamper my body...I also wrote hin loveletters that year in a dairy. Although I didn't even know who it will be. Just to make my faith stronger. And on 8 May 2015 I met my husband to be. It was love at first sight. We stayed in different provinces. He invited me on facebook because he thought I was family. We later found out. His uncle and my aunt were married for 60years and we both had their names...what a coincidence... so 6 months later we got engage and 2 years later we got married in the month we met...


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How did your love story begin?


He saw a comment on facebook on a family photo. So he thought I must be family. He invited me on his facebook and asked me if we are family. We talked so long afterwards and eventually we just knew we are in love even when we haven't seen each other in real life. It was a very exciting season. I prayed for one year for the right soulmate and God gave him to me...

Tell us all about the proposal.


He grew up in the Cape province. So 6 months after we met he took me to a high mountain just outside Robertson. It was a 4x4 trip. On top of the mountains between a lot of protea bushes he asked me to come sit next to him. And then we looked at the beautifulview and he asked me if I will come and stay with him one day on a farm here. So I made a joke and said I will even make him bibs when he is old and I have to feed him. A red one for Monday..a blue one for Tuesday and then he popped the question and the ring. It was very romantic. Afterwards we heard we were sitting on a special rock where the owner also asked his wife to marry him.

Magical Moments


We got married at Morgenzon in Pretoria. It looks just like a vineyard in Cape town. Dries, my fiance hired a horse carriage to pick me up. So it felt like a real fairytale. At the door of the chapel I read a poem for him over a microphone before entering the church. I wrote the poem myself. That was real special. We took dance lessons 6 months in advance, so when we opened the dancefloor the moment was extra special. My husband also made all the guestgifts. Chandeliers . That also made the gifts very special

The Honeymoon


Yes we did. We went to Germany for two weeks. Both of us were there 20years ago for 3 months. But we didn't know each other. What a coincidence again! So we decided to go there again... but this time together

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The famous designer Dennis Lloyd designed my dress and made it also for me. I was an older bride so I wanted to look stylish. My dress was cream and my jewelery was pearls. My perfume was my favourite "Beautiful" by Este Lauder. Ubella did my make-up and hair and I thought she did a great job. I bought my shoes long before the wedding to practice our dance in it.

The Venue

We got married at Morgenzon estate in Wonderboom Pretoria. Our parents, children, close family and friends stayed over for the wedding. We had breakfast together the next morning. It was very special

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I went for a trail for my make-up and hair. Had treatments for my hair, facials and I did my nails. I also went for a couple of dentist appointments as well and for whitening my teeth

Wedding Elements

Morgenzon estate already has a lovely chapel and venue. The garden reminds man of a Cape-Dutsch atmosphere with vineyards. It was wintertine so the colours we chose was warm colours like winered, gold, dark purple like dark grapes. We made most of the decor ourselves like the serviette rings the thankyou note and the gifts. Bride in bloom did our flowers. The hall gave a warm atmosphere with yellow fairy lights and candles all over.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

It was custommade for them overseas where they oredered it from. It was tailsuites.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

All of them had winered dresses on. Long and stylish. Very romantic look.

Marriage Officer

Ds Francois Louw. Ceo of Vista clinic in Centurion. He is my husbands cousin

My Captured Moments

The weddingphotos and the engagement photos was taken by Little white ribbon from Paris, Free state. It was a couple and we were very satisfied with our photos. No photobooth but the guests were welcome to left messages at the video/dvdman which was Vlakvark productions. Also a couple with very high standard work

VlakVark Productions

VlakVark Productions

Looking for a one stop shop who will capture your wedding day beautifully from beginning to end? VlakVark Productions is the answer!

The Wedding Planner

Yes we had. Morgenzon estate have it's own weddingplanner and coordinator Peter who helped us a lot.

Wedding Transport

Morgenzon gave us a phone number of a horse carriage close by. That gave an extra romantic feeling to the whole day.

Food & Cake

Morgenzon estate got their own chefs. The prepared all the food for us as well as the cake made out of cheeses and fruits like figs, strawberries etc. We hire a guy who served the guests cappucino and cafe lates the whole evening.

Wedding Stationery

We did it all by ourselve. I am very creative and iy made it very special when I could design and make all the stationery myself. Each guest had their own unique thankyoucard with a special thankyou note in.

The Reception and Entertainment

We took 6 months before our wedding dance lessons from Seroc in Centurion. We opened our dancefloor with a special dance and song. Morgenzon have his own DJ.

Wedding Services Used

VlakVark Productions

VlakVark Productions

Looking for a one stop shop who will capture your wedding day beautifully from beginning to end? VlakVark Productions is the answer!