Married on May 20, 2017 in Western Cape

MarliKoen Wedding

Where do i start?

Let me tell you about myself and my husband in a nutshell then move onto the most magnificent day of our lives♡.

I am a simple and complex human being when i have time hahaha. I love sports, dancing and spending time with my family and friends, born and bred in Cape Town. My husband Renier is as simple as me. Just wants to live life comfortably by providing and caring for me and us. He loves and enjoys sports. He is orginally from Ladysmith in KZN.

We are both currently studying and working full time. So from that you can deduce the amount of time we have for ourselves. But it is all worth it.

Let me build up to our wedding day 20 May 2017...I asked my sister Tarryn to be my Matron of honor. And Renier asked Xavier(My brother in law) to be his bestman we wanted to keep it simple and small. Yes we had friends that we could have asked but they too were planing their own wedding :) love was in the air.

Little did we know that as soon as we found and BOUGHT my sisters matron of honor dress she was pregnant... we did a few calculations and figured that she would be about 7 months going onto 8 months on the day of our wedding. Ooops ??? Well not really the only thing for me was finding a dress that fits and suits her perfectly.

From a year>>>to months>>>to weeks>>> and then days! Our day drew closer. We kept our wedding small we had 45 guest share this special day with us. Words fail me to describe that day but i remember as if it was yesterday. I remember all the emotions and every minute that went with our fairytale.

We got married on the 20th May 2017 at Blue Horizon Estate in Simons Town.Our wedding colours was royal blue and blush pink believe it or not Renier choice the colours. The day was perfect there was a slight cooling breeze and the temperature was about 21 degrees which because of no wind was like a perfect summers day. As we got ready my niece and sister kept me calm. Talking and laughing about odd things. Drinking some tea making sure we have everything while we wait for the time to pass. At 13h30 guest started to arrive and we started getting done as i started putting on my dress the nerves built, i started to shake and butterflies formed in my tummy. We all were ready to go by 14h00 when the ceremony was scheduled to start. My niece and sister looked like a dream! Everything was picture perfect and then i was Like WOW! When is a bride ever ready before the time...

As my dad came to fetch me from the bridal suite my emotions ran high. I was getting married today! My husband is waiting for me... and then it hit me! I heard the "thousand years" playing and saw my niece and sister heading down the isle the tears started to flow and there was no holding back...i tried keeping calm and didnt want my nose to run throughout the ceremony cause i had cried hehehe. And then i started to walk and i became calm. Absorbing each glimpse of my future husband and all its beauty.

Meeting hubby half way...we shared a wink and word, a giggle or two and then moved towards the officiant. A little bird then whispered in my ear that as soon as he saw me enter the garden where the ceremony was held he cried his heart out... and we have pictures to back it up. How perfect could this day be??? I was in a happy bubble.

We exchanged vows and kissed (being very nervous for this part for some reason) and walked down the isle dancing as Mr and Mrs R. Koen. I was so happy i just wanted to stay in that moment forever. Renier told me that he was never been so happy and thanked me for bringing him that happiness.

Fast forwarding... it was time for the photos, did i mention i LOVE to take photos and Renier dreads taking picture. Well all our picture turned out to be amazing. We had a few speeches and ate. Our cake was a naked Hummingbird cake from Tribakery( THE GOURMET PANTRY). One of the highlights of our night was our first dance as husband and wife. Our bestman and matron of honor surprised us with our friends (Amelia and Peter) singing "thousands years" live and we ended the night and opened the dance floor with a family dance on "funky town" from bruno mars and we follows the LETS MOVE campaign of Michelle Obama.

Quick thank you to my sister Tarryn she did so much for me and us words fail me but i appreciate everything you do and did for me. I dont think i would have been able to do it without you. LEA BOTHA PHOTOGRAPHY for the amazing picture and FAYS BRIDAL for my beautiful wedding gown. BLUE HORIZON ESTATE and RUVA DESIGNS for the decor and flowers and LEE WEDDING STATIONERY for our welcome sign.

Hair and Make-up: Matron of Honor :)




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