Married on May 27, 2017 in Gauteng

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How did your love story begin?


We went for a coffee date and the rest is history. After that one coffee date, we met again and again and soon realised we want to be with each other every single day. The people said: You will know when you meet the right guy, now.....I fully and completely understand.

Tell us all about the proposal.


He took me for the weekend away to a Beauty Spa. I didn't know about anythig, only that I need to pack a weekend bag. ON arrival I found out where we were, but still no idea why? After the massages and jaccuzi, we went to our room and had champagne, before supper. And that's when all happened.

He asked me if I want him to ask the BIG question in public or privately (oneday.....) I replied it doesn't matter. Privately will be fine. I went to the bathroom to prepare for supper and when I came back to the room, he handed me the glass of champagne. We both took a sip (apperantly he looked at me with big eys - I didn't notice anything as I was enjoying the lovely day). He told me to cross our arms while taking another sip (real romantic would I say). Again he looked at me with very very big eyes (this I heard afterwards). I said, that was too easy, lets do the armcross again, with the other hand....and we took another sip of Champagne. As I passes the glass over to my right hand again, I heard a sound....looked into the glass and there it was.....that was the moment I realised what's going on.

I was so eager to get my ring out, I took a big sip and again, he stared at me, affraid I was going to swollow my ring. He took the ring and went down on his knees, asking me to marry him and offcourse, I SAID YES!!!

After about 10 minutes, I asked him to do it again, he replied, what? I said the whole thing, ask me again? Bravely and lovingly and romantically, HE DID ASK ME AGAIN, ON HIS KNEES. Tears ran down my face, I could'nt believe that it was finally my turn. My turn to get engaged and get married. I will do it every day over and over again and again.

Magical Moments


Absolutely everything. We took in as much moments as possible. Everthing went smooth, the venue (Destiny Lodge, Cullinan) was amazing - they know their stuff. The food was perfect, delicious, enough. The cake, my flowers and table decorations, my dress, the photographer, the guests, and the honeymoon suite......too much to describe, but nothing went wrong. The most perfect day ever!!!

The Honeymoon


Yes we went on honeymoon. We went to Durban, Amanzimtoti.

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

We got married at Destiny Lodge, Cullinan. The best place ever. The honeymoon suit is a little piece of heaven on earth.

The Venue

Destiny Lodge, Cullinan

No, only me and my husband stayed the night.

Wedding Elements

Me and my husband doesn't have one or two favorate colours, so we decided to have a lovely colourfull wedding. We love each other lots, like jelly tots. (wink wink)

Cactus plants, flowers was part of the decorations with fairy lights and all pretty things.

Who was your marriage officer?

Ds. Jimmy Manders

My Captured Moments

Riana Willemse was the best photographer ever. We enjoyed working with her and her photos is amazing.

My Captured Moments

Riana Willemse was the best photographer ever. We enjoyed working with her and her photos is stuning.

The Wedding Planner

My, my husband, my mother and sister did all the planning ourselves.

Food & Cake

Karien Wallis, Cullinan, made our wedding cake. The guests swept the cake...they all went for a second round. It was beautiful and delicious.
The food was prepared by Destiny Lodge, Cullinan - absolutely devine.

Wedding Stationery

My lovely talented mother helped with the designs and printing.

The Party and Entertainment

I tought my husband some dancing steps and we practised a bit before the wedding. He was wonderful, we danced like pro's.

We had a DJ and even their music was fantastic. AMA Productions.

Wedding Services Used

Destiny Lodge Cullinan

Destiny Lodge Cullinan