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Corlia Lourens

Married on May 13, 2017 in Gauteng

Toe Vind Ek Jou...

My husband... Oh, what a man!! Herewith the insert that was published in our Wedding Day Newspaper, written by myself:

Let me be the first to tell you that love will find a way, regardless of time, distance, location. It’s not cheesy, it’s the truth… whatever is meant to be, will always be!
Pieter has an amazing long term memory so he can tell you what I wore and the place we met for the very first time. Me, on the other hand, can hardly remember what I had for breakfast! I know we met somewhere in the middle of 2004 through a mutual friend. It wasn’t love at first sight. But I was impressed. I remember distinctly thinking that I’ve never met a man with better manners than Pieter and never have I met a more decent guy. His soft way and kindness struck me instantly and formed a lasting first impression. (His gorgeous blue eyes were also a memorable plus!)
Throughout the next 10 years, life did what it does, it goes on. We became Facebook Friends and wished each other happy birthday every year, but that was it. Thanks to social media, we were always in each other’s peripheral. I felt sad for him when his relationships ended (as I watched from afar) and I laughed at his funny status updates. He “liked” my poetic posts and I “liked” his Christmas photographs.
Flash forward to 2015: Both of us have been single for about two years after (yet another) failed relationship. In our single two years, we took the time to get to know ourselves, make peace with ourselves and love ourselves. And so, we were ready to jump back into the dating scene! Cautious people that we are, we decided to dip our toes into the dating pool by using Tinder. Imagine my joy when his smiling, familiar face popped up amongst all the strangers! I immediately swiped right (and so did he!) and we started chatting non-stop! Eventually, we decided to have lunch just to catch up. And that was our first date. Capello's Kempton Park, it was a lunch date scheduled for 12:00. He arrived with a Banana Super M (which is my absolute favourite!) and some Sally Williams Nougat! Our lunch date lasted for 12 hours during which we laughed and chatted and eventually kissed. And that was that, we’ve been Team LouLand ever since, brain-twins, inseparable and crazy in love!
They say that when you find “THE ONE” you’ll immediately know it. I always thought that when “THE ONE” arrives, I’ll hear a symphony from heaven with angels singing “Haaaaa-lelujaa!”. But it wasn’t like that at all. When Pieter arrived, everything went quiet and everything got peaceful. And only then did I realise that his arrival in my life killed all my demons and silenced all the voices, calmed all my crazy and banished all my fears and for the first time in my life I knew that I have found the one. “Daar was monsters in die donker, toe vind ek jou!!”

Rain down the Blessings

Our wedding day was planned to the finest detail, control-freak that I am. Come 13 May 2017 and God said: "Let there be rain!" What was supposed to be a mystical forest wedding, turned into a romantic chapel ceremony and at the exact moment that we said "I do", there came a break in the clouds and a rainbow could be seen. So yes, we were showered with rain, but also with blessings.

There are no words to thank the amazing people that made our wedding day so absolutely perfect!! It was such a happy event, so romantic and whimsical and perfect in every way.

VENUE: Imperfect Perfection - Tierpoort, Pretoria
DRESS: MoriLee Gown
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Style Productions - Yolandi and Vanessa
PHOTOGRAPHER: Pink Flower Productions - Bernard and Marleen Fischer
VIDEOGRAPHER: Pink Flower Productions - Bernard and Marleen Fischer
STATIONERY: Papermoon - Rochelle Smuts
CAKE: Dainty Delights Couture Cakes
DECOR: Love & Grace


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