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Tricia-Leigh Smit

Married on Apr 5, 2017 in Garden Route


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Magical Moments


The whole day was just perfect.
My most memorable moment is walking down those steps onto the beach and seeing the reaction on the face of my husband, it was priceless and a memory I will cherish forever.

It was great to how much fun all of our guests had. Everybody was barefoot on the sand having a awesome time and that just added to how perfect the day was.

One of the highlights was having our first dance. We chose a song we always danced to at university and it was so much fun having such a comfortable first dance wherein we could just let loose.

The Honeymoon


We went to Mauritius for our honeymoon.
We stayed at Solana Beach Hotel, a nice and cozy hotel in Grand Bay.
It was the best vacation ever, we had so much fun. We snorkeled everyday and sat on the beach sipping cocktails.
We saved for a long time for our honeymoon because we wanted to do it properly.
We weren't disappointed, we had the best time ever.

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My Special Day

I had a bit on an idea what I wanted for my wedding dress. I wanted a short dress with a long see through part that went over the whole thing to keep with something that would be comfortable on the beach. I went to fit wedding dresses and finally combined three dresses that I absolutely loved. My mother-in-law made my wedding dress which made it very special.

I decided to add the bit of blue to my dress to match the ocean and my eyes, it was the best decision ever! André didn't know anything about my dress so he wondered why I got him the light blue pants to wear, when he finally saw why I got the blue pants his reaction was priceless.

I did not wear any shoes because our whole wedding was on the beach. But I had a lady make me these strings with beads that matched my dress perfectly to wear on my feet.

My dress had crystals on it and it went up to my neck so I only wore a very plain silver bracelet en silver earrings with blue Swarovski crystals to match the blue in my dress.

My sister-in-law did my make-up. We practiced a few times before the wedding, it turned out to be everything I wanted.
I couldn't decide what to do with my hair until about two days before the wedding. Me and one of my bridesmaids just started playing with my hair and it turned out great. It was a easy and very "beach" style to match the whole vibe of the wedding.

The Venue

We had this dream to get married on the beach and never thought that it would really happen. But we went on with the planning and had our dream wedding at De Vette Mossel in Grootbrak, Western Cape.
Because most of our guests live in North West and Gauteng all of them took our wedding and made a vacation out of it so most of our guest were in the area for a week or more.
We had our dream ceremony on the beach and ate the most amazing seafood with our toes in the sand all night long.
It was amazing...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I didn't really change anything about my routine before the wedding.
I just drank vitamins to keep the flu at bay and I started with folic acid pills to help with hair and nail growth.
I also just tried to to keep away from excessive eating of junk food. But other than that I kept to what I was used to.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

I wanted André and the groomsmen to be comfortable because we were on the beach the whole day. We decided to get them chino pants that match the beach sand with a white shirt that can hang out.
André didn't know by dress had blue in so when I came home with the blue pants he was kind of confused. I got him a white shirt that was a little bit see through to match the vibe of a beach wedding.
André and his groomsmen looked perfect with the different pants and matching white shirts and big bonus, they were comfortable as well.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I wanted my bridesmaids to look the same but still add their own personal touches to their dresses.
I decided on what I want for the bottom of the dress and each of them could design their own top half.
We went to look for the perfect material, I didn't want the same old same old plain colors and went for something floral.
Simoné le Roux in Potchefstroom made the dresses and they were beyond perfect.
They were also barefoot and wore very simple but pretty pearl earrings and bracelets.

My Captured Moments

Jacey Searra was our photographer.

It was really difficult to find a photographer in the Garden Route when I was sitting in North West. I was on the internet one day and I came across her website and I was absolutely in love with her style of photography. The way she works with light is just amazing!
We went for an engagement shoot in December and when we received the photos we were over the moon. Every little detail was just perfect.
She was so fun and calm and told exactly what to do and we enjoyed her way of working.
Our wedding pictures had me speechless, Jacey just captures every single moment perfectly.
I would recommend her to anyone!!

The Wedding Planner

No. Me, my bridesmaids, my mother, my mother-in-law and my grandmother did everything and I wouldn't have it any other way. André and my grandfather also helped with all the DIY stuff, we made almost everything ourselves.
I loved every moment of getting to plan everything myself. It made me feel connected to every little detail of our special day.

Food & Cake

My grandmothers friend made us a small wedding cake because we decided on having cupcakes rather than a big cake.

The food was prepared by the venue, De Vette Mossel. It is buffet seafood. Their food is to die for and all of our guests couldn't stop talking about the food, even to this day.