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Natasha Nadine

Married on Apr 8, 2017 in Limpopo



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Magical Moments


It was a quike wedding day planned by ourselfs as one.It was a strong team work done with lots of love.A small wedding with only family members and a few friends.

The Honeymoon



Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Wedding look was a racing ventage look.Done by family members.Sisters had done my hair and makeup.My shoes was only tekkies.

The Venue

We got marriad at Tradepost Village Umfolozi in Mthubatuba KZN.Our guest did stayed over day had book them in by Birdpark and others stayed over by closed by family.

Wedding Elements

Decor was done by me and my husband.It was a racing theme so we used racecar parts like pistons with flowers for table decor.Enjine block with pistons and glass topping for wedding cake that we also had done by us self.And we had made also checkered flags for everyone to used after the seremony.And sayings for ventage venture.And we use sparkplugs with a flower for the man for their close.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom had weared his racing suit with white golf shirt and checkered flag tie and tekkies.There were no groomsmen.Only my son that weared a blacksuit pans and white shirt and checkered flag tie and black tekkies.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

No braidsmaids.

My Captured Moments

A friend of us was the photographer.Nixography Photography.She has a passion for her work and knows what she wants and what she is doing.

The Wedding Planner

No wedding planner.

Wedding Transport

My husband stockrod racing car golf 1 was our wedding car.

Food & Cake

Tradepost Village had made the food for the wedding.Me and my husband done the wedding cake together by ourselfs.

Wedding Stationery

I had done the planning for the invites and program for wedding day by myself.

The Reception and Entertainment

The party was a family and friends party.Two of my brother inlaws help out as a DJ and MC for that day,they had done an excellent job.