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Minette Ferreira

Married on Apr 22, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


Our story started in 2008 at school. We had a bubble bash (foam party) at school, where the prefects were asked to help clean the hall afterwards. It took a few good ideas to get all the foam out of the hall into the drain. My friends and I grabbed the chairs, turned them upside down and started scooping foam up with lots of laughs. At the drain Gert sat on a small wooden fence trying his best to get my attention with small talk every time I passed him. That didn't get my attention, until the fence broke and he slipped into the drain filled with foam. This made me laugh so much that we started talking straight after that. This was the day he fell literally and figuratively for me...and I fell completely inlove with him.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Wow, this was tricky, but turned out very special. I am an extrovert and wanted to go away with friends for the weekend, but Gert had other plans. He quickly thought of an idea and told friends they need to play along...they will be joining us for the weekend and just before they leave, they need to phone and tell us their geyser broke

Magical Moments


The 22th of April 2017 is the most memorable day of my life.

This day started with breakfast with my best friends in our pajama's. From there everyone dressed in their superhero shirt and we were off to do our hair. Janelda Lamprecht platted my hair so beautifully -I can still not believe someone could plat my curly hair in such an amazing style. From hair we had champagne and make-up with Melissa from Melissa atelier before our casual photo shoot. We had so much fun jumping in the air and making different poses.

And then the big moment arrived...I got dressed in the most beautiful dresses I have ever worn, a Pronovias wedding gown. This is were reality started sinking in and I couldn't stop smiling...MY WEDDING DAY HAS ARRIVED! I received special earrings from my mother and sister-in-law, that went perfectly with the special bracelet I received from my "soon-to-be-husband" as my wedding gift.

The venue and the wedding was perfect. All the bridesmaids were accompanied by a groomsman to walk ddown the isle with a special message for Gert. This is were the tears started flowing. Till today a lot of people told me they started crying the moment they looked at Gert :-) This is super cute if you ask me.

My dad, so proud and overflowing with love walked me down the isle on a song my best friend sang. This was very special. I remember walking down the isle, I couldn't see Gert at first, I only saw everyone's head popping into the isle, but when my eyes connected with his, I didn't want to take it off. Our service was everything we wanted - special, funny, personal, etc. Thank you Johan Poggenpoel from Doxa Deo Midstream, even if everyone thought you forgot to tell us to have our first kiss - but we knew you will remember :-) And that kiss was on the right time :-)

From here everything, the day became so much fun. From cutting the cake, taking photos, entering the reception on the Juicy wiggle, all the speeches and Gert special speech. But one of the best moments on our wedding day was opening the dance floor. The special father and daughter dance on 'n Song vir my dad from Snotkop, to the mother and son dance on Ray Dylan and then the suprise mic dance we had. I know I slipped and fell, but it made it even more fun and special. This is how I hope our marriage will be most of the time - fun, special, spontaneous and definitely unique! Thank you to everyone that made this day so special, memorable and fun!

The Honeymoon


YEEEEEEEES!! We where at Aston Bay. Got to wake up and fall asleep listening to the waves breaking every day. From riding elephant to surfing - this was one of the best and most adventures holidays of my life.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I went for the natural look :-)

My hair was done by Janelda Lamprechts (0728300611). I love platted hair and wanted to plat mine with something bling. I bought my hair piece at LittleLace and everything worked out perfectly. My nails, lashes and make-ip was done by Melissa from Melissa Atlelier (0780540852). I asked her for natural, because I was getting married in a forest environment.

My wedding dress was bought at Bridal Manor. I never thought it would be the dress I would pick, because it looked too plain on the hanger. But when I put this off-white Pronovias wedding gown on - my whole life changed and I new I could walk down the isle in this dress. It was comfortable, I will be able to dance in it, it had a low back with lace going from the front to the back and it had a beautiful round fan-back. Everything I was looking at and so much more.

I bought my shoes at Ballet Barre. I went for an off white ballet shoe with a small heel. Comfortable is king on your wedding day :-) My jewellery was mostly gifts from my mom, sister-in-law and husband. I had pearls with diamond around them.

My look was to be the natural me :-)

Bridal Manor

Bridal Manor

Bridal Manor is an exclusive bridal shop that specialises in selling imported couture designer wedding dresses.

The Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My brother and sister-in-law spoiled me to a few relaxing massages the day before my wedding at Attaché Guest Lodge, before all my bridesmaids gave for a sleepover. I believed in keeping my lifestyle as is is - eating and exercising normally and enjoying my life as an engaged lady.

Wedding Elements

Everything I used, I wanted to give a natural, forest feeling. I liked to joke and say it is my Robin Hood wedding.

We used rotsrosies, gyp and moss mostly throughout the wedding with white roses here and there. I loved the antic lanterns with the Rustic look of the wedding venues decor. I used fairy lights on the tables, instead of candles to give a more romantic forest (firefly) feeling. The venue had an amazing rustic package and provided most of the decor, including the white Chinese lanterns in the chapel outside with a hessian carpet. I wanted everything to fit in with the venue, because the venue already looked like some place out of a fairy tale.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

They had grey pants and white shirts with a royal blue waistcoat my mother-in-law made. Their funky pattern socks were a special gift from the groom with their different superhero cuff links.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

They wore a royal blue waterfall styled dress bought at Forever New. Every bridesmaid could pick their own style of silver shoes, jewellery and hairstyle. I wanted them to be themselves and comfortable.

Marriage Officer

Johan Poggenpoel

My Captured Moments

WL Photography

Wow, this team was absolutely amazing and if I could have my day all over - I will picked them a thousand times more. Their wedding packages took everything together from an engagement shoot, photo albums to unlimited hours and a photo booth for a reasonable price.

Leoni is sweet, kind and can make any girl feel comfortable. Her husband Pierre van der Walt has an eye for detail and takes fantastic photo booth photos. Wilhelm has a personality that can make any crowd laugh of joy and enjoy being clicked.

These three photographers made this day so special and took my breath away with their photos. They are passionate about their work and will give their best to make any bride and groom happy.

The Wedding Planner

No, just the best family and friends that was always prepare to lend a hand.

Wedding Transport

I wanted my dad and brother to take us from the Attaché Guest Lodge to Forrest Walk. For me the moment inside the car was more special than the car itself :-)

We stayed in a lodge behind the wedding venue, so didn't need any other wedding transport - but this didn't stop the guys from decorating the grooms car for thed honeymoon :-)

Food & Cake

We had the privilege of the grooms grandmother, ouma Babs Delport, making our delicious wedding cake. It was 50% chocolate mouse and 50% red velvet. This was very special for we didn't choose a normal wedding cake. Our cake was in a shape of a Bible book with a special verse. Every flower she made out of icing sugar. I couldn't ask for a more perfect wedding cake.

Our food was prepared by the venue itself. 'n Lekker Spitbraai - like we will say in Afrikaans :-) There was more than enough food and trust me, it was too delicious to only have one plate.

Wedding Stationery

Our guest book was printed by our photographers, WL Photography.

Our wedding puzzle was designed, printed and lasered by the Wedding Warehouse in Centurion.

The thank you gifts, a soundtrack from our weddingday was something we made ourself.

The Reception and Entertainment

The DJ was included in the Forrest Walk package and did all of our sound and lighting.

Gert and I luckily love dancing and didn't need any lessons before hand. We only had help from Gert's cousin, Jurgens Delport for our special first dance mix.

We had so much fun on the dance floor and was sad when we had to stop.

Wedding Services Used

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...

Bridal Manor

Bridal Manor

Bridal Manor is an exclusive bridal shop that specialises in selling imported couture designer wedding dresses.