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Leoni Lemmer

Married on Apr 21, 2017 in Gauteng

My husband and I met in the grocery store of all places one smile was all it took to think about the face I saw.

We found out that we gym at the same gym and the smile became a wave and the wave a hallo and well hallo eventually led to I do.

I was asked at Balito on a private beach area where my husband took all our memories (photos of all our adventures so far) and made a path with a candle by each photo, I received a treasure map which then took me to the big heart with a X on it where the "treasure" will be.

I started digging for the treasure and he just kept saying be careful you don't know what traps there might be, so I got a little treasure chest and as I opend it he bowed down on one knee and asked if I would spend my life with him as his wife.... I couldn't get a word out but nodded my head and we both burst into tears.

We just knew we were send on each others paths as our Heavenly Father knew we would be one another's best friend, love, eyes, breath and well just everything.

Our wedding day wasn't perfect in more than one way but for us it was, as our family and close friends were there to witness our unconditional love to each other swore to stay together as one in front of our Almighty God.

We just want to thank each and everyone who made our special day happen..

Love the Lemmers xoxo


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