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Eliske Fourie

Married on Apr 8, 2017 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


Hi, I went for an interview at the company where my husband worked at. He saw me that day but I was too nervous to look around. So, I got the job and the next day I started working as a stock controller and he was a sales executive. He wrote me little notes everyday with either chocolates or flowers begging me for my cell number....after 6 weeks I gave it to him and we started chatting, friendship grew to the most beautiful love story ever and 4 years later he asked my hand in marriage on a surprise engagement shoot, was sooOoOo special!

Tell us all about the proposal.


Well, he started telling me about one of his clients wife is new in the photography business and she asked if we would be willing to participate in a shoot for her profile. Obviously I said yes and was excited from the beginning as I wanted to update my pictures etc. He planned everything so secretly. So the day (12 Nov 2016) came for the shoot and it was a busy morning @ Paul Kruger guesthouse in Rustenburg. We did a couple of different back rounds and just when I got hungry he told me it was the last scene, the photographer gave us each a little heart shaped chalkboard that we had to write on why do you love your partner so much, She made us stand back-to-back. I obviously had a LOT to say and my boyfriend was finished within a minute. And then we had to turn to each other and show the other one what you wrote....he wrote....will you marry me!!!!
I was SOOOooOOoo surprised, it was very special!

Magical Moments


For me the whole day was a highlight, but a very, very special moment for me .... I played him a voice note before I walked down the aisle and I could see his face while he was listening, he's whole face lid up and his smile was amazing and then of course when the pastor said, I now pronounce you husband and wife :-)

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The Venue

We got married at Casa Bella Guesthouse in Rustenburg. Most beautiful venue with the most friendliest staff.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I was very obsessed with eating healthy and gaining a bit of weight, as I am very skinny and wanted to look a little more toned on my wedding day. I also went for a few treatments on my face, as well as permanent eyebrows.

My Captured Moments

Glimpse Photography by Roxy - very special lady who also did our surprise engagement shoot. She was so helpful and kind from the start so we decided to use her for our wedding as well. Needless to say she became a friend.