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Claudine Kaalsen

Married on Apr 1, 2017 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


We believe and serve a God of love, love stories and details to perfection

The day that He sent me on Stephen's path, like He sent Rachel to Isac was the meeting planned to perfection. Stephen is an absolute car fanatic, a petrolhead, and has a variety of antique cars to show. So how coinsidental is it that our romance would start with my broken down '99 Ford. Me the damsel in distress and him in his black '69 Fintail Mercedes classic. I immediately fell in love with Stephens unique nature about him, his "old soul" AND the car absolutely counted in his favour.

What God skilfully puts together no one can seperate. Both of us "old souls" found one another in the hour long drives, chats and bible studies in the Merc after church. And today I'm the most blessed women to have received this gift of a marrige from God.

Tell us all about the proposal.


What a surprise it was!! We were suppose to go for a "braai" at a friends least that was what I was told. On the way we had to stop to pick something up at another friends house, but what a lie it was.
Cullable me still did not expext anything when I also had to go into her house, I wanted to stay in the car to make the stop faster. Once I were in the house a cell phone was handed to me to watch a funny video. I pressed play and then suddenly my favourite Afrikaans singer called my name and asked if I would be so kind to marry Stephen because he is madly in love with me. And there Stephen stood next to me on one knee with the most beautiful ring in hand. I was stunned!

There after we had the most beautiful pick nick set up for us by our friend in her lovely garden.
All I ever dreamed it would be, it was!!

Magical Moments


Walking down the isle towards my best friend and soul mate was the highest highlight to me. He really did look handsome and the chapel was everything I dreamed of.

The praise and worship before the service was also so touching and great to me. My brothers and other fmily memebets were the band crew and that made it so much more special.

Catching up on old friends and family was so nice.

Our entire wedding was a highlight and going home as Mrs Kaalsen was the best ending to the day!!!

The Honeymoon


Yes we went on Honeymoon. We went to Mosselbaai for 10 days.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Our entire feel was vintage. Everything was naturally lace them. My dress was n laced dress from top to bottom with 3/4 sleeves because we also wanted an autum feel to it.
My hair was curles tied back.
My make up was suppose to be warm and complementing my red hair. We used alot of maroon and plums to get the warm radiant colour.
I made my own wedding shoes. I did not want pai ful feet on my most beutiful day, so I took old shoes and covered them with the remaining materiaal from my dress.

The Venue

Le souvenir in Klerksdorp

Wedding Elements

Decor was vintage with a classic component. We chose autum colours for the flowers to compliment the cream, lace, bronz rust colours.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We did not have groomsmen. We wanted Stephen to be the only centre of attention.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

We did not have bridesmaids.

Marriage Officer

Michiel Erasmus our pastor.

My Captured Moments

Riaan Roux was our photographer and fire wagon media our videographer

The Wedding Planner

Abrie Coetsee

Wedding Transport

It was my husbands 1968 black Mercedes Benz fintail that took me to the venue. What a ride!!

Food & Cake

Our wedding planner Abrie Coetsee and his team made the food. It was amazing!!

Our wedding cake was a combination of my favourite (cupcakes) and Stephens (doughnuts). At the top we had the traditional wedding fruit cake made by Stephens uncle.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our sound was managed by Music&Lyrics from Klerksdorp. The did a great job. Our music was light en plesant throughout the night.