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Bakhululekile Mkhize

Married on Apr 22, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

IT WAS OUR PERFECT WEDDING • Held on 22 April 2016, at Margate beach in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the ceremony commenced with the musical team doing their performances at 9hr30, playing soft and polite Gospel Jazz music, the music team ushered the Master of ceremonies, who work in partnership with the team to keep the guests well attended,
• The communication between all stakeholders was awesome, The Wedding planner, the event organizer, the Bridal team, the guests everyone arrived at the venue and was told when to proceed to the ceremonial venue to be seated,
• The ushers were always on standby throughout the ceremony to give a hospitable care to all guest and usher them accordingly,
• The Bridal team arrived at the venue at 9hr55, and be on standby until the Master of Ceremony announced the procession,
• The Grand entrance of the bridal team took place between 10hr00 and 10hr15
• The official program commences and the MC hand over to the Priest, for the official matrimony,
• The ceremony lasted for at-least two hours,
• After the ceremony the bridal team left the venue for a photo session,
• The Master of ceremony made all announcements,
• Catering team provided refreshments/starters at the beach venue
• Ushers made sure that the venue was left clear, and that no one is left unattended
• The entire congregation/guests proceeded to the Town Hall for the reception.

• 12hr30 - Music - the music commenced at the reception hall, from 12hr30, with praise worship, choruses, singing, dancing and celebration
• 13hr00 - Photo Shoot with (Families) – while the music is continuing inside the reception hall, the bridal team will arrive, and the ushers will usher the families to meet with the Bridal team for a quick photo shoot,
• 13hr15 - Program commence – As soon as the families photo shoot is over, the program director will take over the microphone, and announce the grand march.
• 13hr20 - Grand Entrance; the bridal team will enter the reception hall in a grand march, as per Matron of Honor’s instruction,
• 13hr40 - Worship and Opening Prayer and
• 13hr50 - MC Remarks
• 13hr50 - Lunch Served the while choir renders musical items on stage,
• 14hr30 - MC Remarks & invitation of first speakers
* Musical item


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