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Adelize Van Rooyen

Married on Apr 21, 2017 in Gauteng

Every girl wonders about how her life will turn out one day, and more so who she will share her life with. I did not have to wonder for too long, as I met my prince at the age of 15 and married him at the age of 23. Now, I dream of our journey together!


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How did your love story begin?


My husband and I met in high school. We did not know each other, and he was the 'new guy' in school. We both had the same mutal friend, and that is how we met. Little did I know that they had a bet going on how quickly we would be dating. And in only about a month since we met, we started dating. Funny, I know.

Wikus was in grade 10 and I was in grade 9. We have been together ever since, we have been dating for 8 years before we got married. Now I am aged 23 and he is 25. We sticked together through high school and university, and I am very blessed to have had a best friend for so many years, and now we can finally share everything.

Tell us all about the proposal.


It was June 2016 when Wikus was in Cape Town for work for three weeks. I flew down to Cape Town in the second week to visit him. On the Friday he worked half day, and he said he wants to take me to Signal Hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery and view. However, it was very important for us to be there before sunset.

We were planning on taking snacks and wine, along with a warm blanket. Somehow we ran out of time and did not manage to get the snacks, wine or blanket. We had to rush to the top of that hill.

When we got there, it was absolutely breathtaking. We managed to see the sunset, and we took a few pictures and selfies. We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in Cape Town, thus all of a sudden the rough wind started picking up, and it was freezing cold. I asked whether we could leave and go have dinner. We got into the car and just sat there for a moment, still absorbing the beautiful view of the flickering lights down below and the never ending ocean. Then I saw all the locks hanging on the deck rail. My immediate response was that we should go buy a lock the following day and also hang it there.

Wikus asked whether I wanted to go have a look, to see what was written on the locks. And, everyone who knows me, know that I am very curious. So we got out of the car and Wikus used his cellphone's torch for us to read the locks. We moved from the one side to the next, and I said let's go to the far left, since I would like to hang our lock there. I looked around some more, and then I saw this big, newish lock in front of me. I asked Wikus for the torch to see what this one says... On the front it said "Will you marry me?"... I said to Wikus how cute and special it is that someone asked another person in this manner. He just stared at me, so I turned the lock around and it said "Wikus (heart) Adelize"... Somehow I did not click, and I said it is so weird that it is the same as our names and that it is even spelled the same.

He looked at me and said how much he loves me, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. After he was done saying all the beautiful things, he went down onto one knee, got the ring box out of his pocket and asked me if I would marry him... I obviously said yes and then started balling my eyes out.

After that he took me to The Waterfront for a lovely dinner and toast.

It was by far more than I ever expected.

Magical Moments


The thing that we both will always cherish and remember is when I walked down the isle. The deep emotion that I saw in his eyes were absolutely beautiful and extremely special.

The highlight would be when Riana Nel suprised us by singing our favorite song when we entered the reception.

The Honeymoon


We went on honeymoon to Thailand, Phuket for a week. It was extremely hot and definitely the best ever.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The look we went for was very natural and clean. With greens and white as well as glass and wood eveywhere.

My hair and makeup was soft, elegant and very classy.

My wedding dress was ivory and mermaid style, vintage with a lot of bridal lace. The shoes were, what I would say a classic wedding shoe. A pointy heel, ivory colour with a biggish pearl and diamanté.

A beautiful nude pantie.

Pearl stud earrings and one pearl bracelet, which was a pearl necklace from my grandmother. We changed it into a bracelet.

I had a gorgeous diamanté hairpiece.

The Venue

We got married at Cradle Valley Guesthouse. Some of our guests did sleep over at the same venue.

Cradle Valley Wedding Venue & Guest Lodge

Cradle Valley Wedding Venue & Guest Lodge

Our attention to detail has taken comfort, convenience and personal service to new heights. No effort will be spared to make your wedding day a memorable one.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I was not too stressed about this. I kept eating as I did, quite healthy according to me and I went to the gym and stayed active as I used to.

Wedding Elements

Décor was light, classy and vintage. Light wooden tables and chairs, with bridal lace runners and a lot of crystal, glass and candles. Flowers were white and there were a lot of greenery. Flowers included white orchids, hydrangeas, gip, roses, king proteas, desert roses, eucalyptus, etc. The reception was in a reception hall and there were green uplighters and flashing lights.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a navy suit, with a light blue collar cufflink shirt, maroon tie and handkerchief, brown belt and pointy lace shoes with navy socks. His accessories were silver cufflinks and a brown watch. The groomsmen wore a navy suit pants, with a white collar shirt, suspenders with shades of white and blue stripes, brown shoes.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids wore the same style and had the same look. Both wore off white knee length bohemian off the shoulder dresses. They did not look exactly the same. However they consisted of the same material and also had lace in them. They wore sandles, also different but both consisted of diamanté. They both also wore a gip crown. I wanted them to look slightly more relaxed and casual, their comfort was very important to me and I also wanted them to be able to wear the dresses again. Therefore I went for the bohemian look.

Marriage Officer

One of my best friends' dad is a pastor, and he married us which was very special because we have known him for years.

My Captured Moments

Cezanne and her husband from Photography by Cezanne captured our special day. We did not have a videographer, however our wedding was filmed by a TV program. We did not have a photobooth.

The Wedding Planner

We did not have a planner, however we left most of everything in the hands of the coordinater of the venue. Who was Lauren van der Merwe from Cradle Valley Guesthouse.

Wedding Transport

Since the ceremony and reception were at the same venue, no transport was required. We got to and from the venue by own transport.

Food & Cake

Cradle Valley Guesthouse prepared all of the food as well as the wedding cake.

Wedding Stationery

One of my good friends that is a graphic designer designed my stationery and I got it printed by K-Print.

The Reception and Entertainment

My husband and I did go for a few dance lessons at Fred Astaire. Tony from Perfect Tone Music was our DJ and he also did the sound and lighting.

Wedding Services Used

Cradle Valley Wedding Venue & Guest Lodge

Cradle Valley Wedding Venue & Guest Lodge

Our attention to detail has taken comfort, convenience and personal service to new heights. No effort will be spared to make your wedding day a memorable one.