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Tanya Groenewald

Married on Mar 18, 2017 in Free State

Our Perfect God Given Special day

Its only because of Gods Grace that I can enter this competition today. God granted me the huge privileged of marrying the man He personally choose to be my husband. And i thank the Lord for deemed me worthy enough to make this special man part of my life. Our wedding was so special to me, never have i ever felt closer to Gods creation then on our special day. The moment when I was standing in front of my husband underneath a Quiver tree( the same one as where he asked my hand in marriage) nothing else matter, not the people, not the dress, nothing accept the beauty of my husbands smile with the most beautiful back drop of Gods perfect art, the nature. I knew that when my jaws were getting numb of all the smiles and laughter between me and my husband, that there was no way on earth that something so perfect and joyous can not be a special gift from our most High Heavenly Father.


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