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Rosalyn MacNeill

Married on Mar 25, 2017 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


My husband Ryan tells the story best:
"It was a Saturday night when the magic happened. I (Ryan) was tearing up the dance floor at a popular Joburg nightspot, when I saw her. Like the red sea, the crowd suddenly parted, just as the disco lights fell upon Rosalyn, a sure sign that she was some sort of angel. I took the hint and proceeded to woo her, pulling out the dance moves. I remember thinking she was the most beautiful woman ever to grace that dingy nightclub with her presence. I asked for a kiss, but instead got her business card. It was at that moment that I realised I was dealing with a classy lady. We chatted on and off for the next few weeks, but I knew that before I asked her on a date, I had to be happy with who I was alone. I was not about to blow my chances. It was a few months later that we went on our first date. By our second date, I knew that Rosalyn was the woman I wanted to marry. It took a couple more months to convince her of the fact! Until the moment I fell in love with this strong, smart and independent woman, I did not know the meaning of true love. Ours is a simple love, a love which has matured a little more each day. As we learn from each other and grow in love, I know that we can face anything and that, with her by my side, we will weather every season of life together."

This is my version of our story, a little more serious:
It is a rarity to fall in love with someone for your whole life. People seem to forget how beautiful it is simply to grow old with that special person, facing life’s challenges and learning and maturing together. It was on our second date that I realised Ryan was the one I could picture myself beside all the days of my life. Perhaps the duck breast with blueberry sauce he cooked me had something to do with it! With Ryan, the click was instantaneous. Of course, he still had to put in the time before popping the question! But, I could not ask for a better man, one who is Godly, whole, confident, intelligent and generous. He is made the old-fashioned way, a man who opens my car door, showers me with flowers, writes me love notes, really listens to me across the dinner table, arrives with medical supplies when I’m sick, tells me silly jokes to make me smile and nicknames me his Treasure. He even hiked up to the top of a hill in a snow storm to wish me happy birthday at sunrise from half-way across the planet! Ryan was placed in my life at just the right time. Over only a matter of months, our love had the space to germinate and grow, where we became a team almost from the very beginning. Like a sapling, we have grown quickly, eager for the sun. We are young, fresh and agile, yet, one day, we will be like the solid oak tree, strengthened with the passage of time and each challenge we have overcome.

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