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Roczanne Hanse

Married on Mar 4, 2017 in Eastern Cape

Our story began 13 years ago..young teenagers that began life and founded one another.we have been through so much ,laughter,tears,heartache and tears of joy..We had our first baby girl together kayleigh ,young parents but that made us who we are today,that made us strong and united..we as parents and individuals felt the urge more to make a success of our lives knowing its not just us now we are 3...we grew as a couple made big decisions and moved in together before marriage..we wanted to show our daughter we are a family but something just not felt right so we got engaged and started planning even thou we did have much money importance was just to get married and make our house a home..Then a surprise came a blessing was pregnant with out second little girl and could not afford to get married due to financial reasons..Gave birth and moved on .One day we decided in life we will never have enough money lets just get married by the grace of God and faith everything just fell into was blessings upon blessings our wedding was so blessed..our faith was tested in the four months of planning but we pull through.God came through for we are a blessed family of four..


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