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Natasha Fennell

Married on Mar 25, 2017 in Eastern Cape

I've always said that he is my adventure, always making me get out of my box and face my fears and me providing him with some structure, we balance each other out perfectly.

We always knew we would start this journey together as we planned our future together.

Getting engaged on the Portuguese Islands was another route of our adventure and we were beyond excited for what was to come. We had a long engagement so when the time came we knew exactly what we wanted. Being on the same page was a BONUS! My adventure has always been so hands on, practical and creative which made planning a breeze.

We wanted the big family wedding with the big dance floor and kiddies running around and made sure we planned around that dream.

Getting married in Kei Mouth - his family's holiday destination and where his sister got married too was his dream and as I was at his sister's wedding it became mine too.

We were blessed with an amazing, supportive bridal party that worked very hard on making favours, setting up the hall and all the little finishing touches. It was very important to us that we had everyone there to set up and take part in the fun and laughs of watching our dream come true. We had quite a few good laughs and made a great weekend of it.

It rained a little on the day, but nothing could dampen our spirits. We were both more excited than anything and just wanted to get to each other so that we could dance the night away - what brought us together in the first place.

Thank you so much to our amazing family and friends who helped us. Nothing went unnoticed and we are forever grateful!

To our awesome service providers, thank you for being more like friends and family. With all the giggles and chats - we definitely felt relaxed and happy.

It truly was a night to remember and as we often dance until the lights came on, we ended the night us dancing to "The time of my life" from Dirty Dancing as the lights came on.

We had a great time with our friends and family and the most amazing start to OUR GREATEST ADVENTURE!


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