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Michelle van Onna Green-Thompson

Married on Mar 26, 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

The first time I walked into the chapel at Vulintaba, I knew this was the backdrop I wanted for our wedding day, I was in LOVE! Vulintaba a new establishment in the Drakensberg is just absolutely breath-taking, the serenity and farm charm of the hay bales adds to its character.

The combination of different cultures merging together to create a new history filled with love, joy and family.


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Magical Moments


My whole wedding was a highlight for me the week long preparation and all my family and friends who supported me. Left me totally blown away that people would travel from all over the world, take leave and come through to support me on this journey.

The Honeymoon


My in laws had travelled from the Netherlands so we chose to spend time with them, after they left we had a few mini-moons. We still need to have our honeymoon though.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I love the classic elegance with a twist of my personality. I have a heavy set chest and so the strapless option was definitely not on my list, I wanted my bossom presented delightfully. I did not want a plain dress, I wanted something that represented my happy nature, at a Nigerian friends graduation I was blown away by a beautiful yellow lace dress that I had to have! I immediately decided to incorporate yellow lace into my Ivory dress. I contacted Magda Moller who created my perfect wedding dress with my floating veil.

The Venue

We celebrated our union at Vulintaba in Newcastle at the foothills of the magnificent Drakensberg mountain. I loved the view from the chapel and I was sold on it when I walked in the first time. I had international, local and regional guests therefore Vulintaba was the perfect venue as they have a stunning hotel. They were super professional which I really appreciated.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I’m a firm believer in skincare, I had a Matis facial every month building up to the wedding. They also do the best pedicures in Johannesburg, even though I wasn’t wearing sandals I wanted my feet in perfect condition. The week prior to the wedding I went to the Saxon spa for the Himayalan Journey a full body scrub, clearing of energy finished of with a massage

Wedding Elements

My wedding took place in Newcastle I used the services of Shannon Stringer who did a great job. I did not want any over the top decor.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband is super tall so he wore a Hugo Boss suit from the Netherlands, I saw it the first time when I met him at the alter. My Bridal team had their outfits made by my cousin as they were Zulu traditional outfits they used their own accessories. The chapel wedding my bridal team was dressed by Magda Moller who made my wedding dress.

Marriage Officer

My marriage officer was home affairs but my wedding ceremony was done by my long time priest and family friend. It was a great treasure and my dream come true having him gift me, with this as he is one of the most positive people I know.

My Captured Moments

I Really struggled with finding a photographer as I had wanted my longtime photographer Alison from Talamia who had done my engagement pictures. I eventually found Sam Phiri photography and he was brilliant and very efficient. He is on social media and definitely worth it!

My video was done by my film Director/producer long time brother Sipho Sondiyazi who is incredibly gifted and knows how to create content.

Food & Cake

The hotel prepared the food for the chapel wedding and my family prepared the Zulu wedding food.

Wedding Stationery

My eldest sister picked the designer and liaised. She has great taste and I was happ to leave it to her.

Our wedding website was done by my husband and I. We both very fussy so we did it ourselves.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our wedding dance we did not prepare for at all! We just danced and had a great time.