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Marlie Jacobs

Married on Mar 11, 2017 in Western Cape

Our Story will be turned into a Romantic-Comedy some day, I'm sure of it!
As cheesy as it sounds, it is by far my favorite, and I know you all love cheese!

Charl and I met on a First Years camp that I attended before the start of my first year at Stellenbosch University. He was a second year and went on the camp as a mentor. I fell in love when I saw him through the bus window for the first time. According to him the moment he fell was when I literally did - after refusing to let him carry my bags for me at the end of the camp. He did however manage to get my number and so our story began.

After a few months of dating - we drifted apart. University happened, studies happened, life happened we now know..our timing wasn't right! But we did get to know each other well enough to know that to each other, we were 'The One That Got Away'.

Now have you ever heard of Serendipity?
After we had lost contact for about 3 years, I bumped into Charl's sister (my new, amazing sister in law) at the Cheese and Wine festival. In casual conversation with her brother, she mentioned that she saw me, which led to him contacting me. And so we arranged to meet for coffee.

Now by this time we had both tried and failed at new relationships and had gone through a few big life changes. The last thing either of us were looking for or thinking about was a new relationship - But what neither of us were anticipating at all, was the reignition of an old relationship. Needless to say, the coffee date went very well. That afternoon as I got back to my flat in Stellenbosch, Charl sent me a message asking if he could drive through to visit. The date, in his exact words, was: "Just...Wow." We had so much more to catch up on and simply could not get enough of each others company. We haven't looked back since!

"If you love someone, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were."

Wedding Dress - Cindy Bam
Wedding Bands - Jack & Jewel
Hair & Make Up - MadeUp: The Makeup & Hair Co (Chantelle Candice Brown)
Bridesmaids Pendants - AndGlo Glassware

Venue & Catering - Allesverloren
Flowers - A Little Thing Called
Stationary - Lumina Creative Studio
Cakes - Sweet Lion Heart
Wedding Favors - Would

Lawn Games - Mr & Mrs Wedding Games
Live Music - Nick Marucchi Band
DJ & Sound Services - Essential Music

I am a particularly sentimental person. This is one of the things that Charl has learned to love about me even though it means he has to smile for photo's more than he thought humanly possibly and the occasional hoarding of things that (we both) know he will appreciate later ;)

For this reason the good old 4 'somethings' had to feature at our wedding..and it wasn't hard to do.

My Something Old was a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings that my Grandmother left for me. Until right before the wedding I had never seen them. I like to believe that they were a wedding gift, meant to represent our beloved grandparents who were so missed on our special day. My mother also gave me a handkerchief that belonged to my great-grandmother on our wedding day, which was a saving grace for all the emotions that were just all over the place!

My Something New? Well - besides my brand new Husband :) :) My something new is a secret...a Victoria's Secret to be exact, that my little sister brought back from a little trip to a land far far away.

My Something Borrowed is something that represents the absolute GEM that is my mother. It is a diamond pendant for which she added a golden necklace which she received as a gift when she was a 'Jool Prinses' at Tukkies back in the day! Carrying this necklace so close to my heart on our wedding day provided me with the support and comfort that only a mother can give. More on my magnificent mother(s) later!

My Something Blue ties in with my superstar mother. Amongst the MANY things she made by hand for our wedding - is my garter, to which she added a blue piece of lace that she cut off of one of her personal garments. It was absolutely stunning! I refused to throw it she made another one specifically for that purpose!


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The Honeymoon


We went to Iceland!

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Mr & Mrs M Wedding Games

Mr & Mrs M Wedding Games

Mr & Mrs M provide a fantastic entertainment service for wedding guests during that rather awkward "Photo-Hour". It's fun, affordable and very classy!

Sweet LionHeart

Sweet LionHeart

Born from a love of stealing hearts with sweet, sugary things

MADEUP - The Makeup & Hair Co.

MADEUP - The Makeup & Hair Co.

MADEUP combines this experience with cutting-edge trends to deliver world-class results.

Allesverloren Function & Conference Venue

Allesverloren Function & Conference Venue

Oak trees, vineyards, mountain views, excellent cuisine, award winning wines and a purpose built reception venue all add up to the perfect place to host your wedding reception.

Cindy Bam

Cindy Bam

Cindy Bam creates luxury gowns that evoke drama and glamour of past eras whilst still maintaining a modern edge.