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Laurizel Green

Married on Mar 11, 2017 in Limpopo

11 March 2017 - Creating our own little Fairytale

Our wedding was an absolute showcase of our love. We got married at the Silver Sixpence Wedding Venue near Dullstroom in Mpumalanga; what a magical and enchanting place!

The endless green meadows and lakes were the perfect backdrop. The ceremony was held under the Bluegum Trees complete with a horse and carriage escort. The reception area was decorated with soft green's, pink and lavender with the perfect balance of silver and wood.

Our weekend wedding was filled with love, laughter and excitement. Our service providers, family and friends made everything extra special for us and we couldn't imagine a better day! After 10 years of dating, it was the perfect start of the new chapter in our lives.

Creating our own little fairytale.......


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How did your love story begin?


Our Love story began way back when we met in Primary School. He was the tall cute guy that tranferred from Durban. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him and I didn't even know his name!! It took us a while before we started dating. We were so shy, we ran away from each other. He finally asked me out and we were so nervous to even hold hands!! Luckily both our palms were sweaty. Friendship grew into love. We simply couldn't imagine being away from each other.

Tell us all about the proposal.


It sounds weard but we never spoke about marriage or getting engaged during the 10 years we were dating. We were just going with the flow. For him it is very important to properly care for someone before entering into a commitment. On our usual trip to the coast he arranged a special day for the two of us. We went horseriding on the beach and the path led into the woods where the most beautiful picnic has been set up. Complete with secret photographer to capture the engagement. I didn't suspect a thing. He went down on one knee and my heart stopped. He planned everything so perfectly, beyond my wildest expectations!

Magical Moments


We had a weekend wedding. The friday night all of our guests joined us for a pre wedding braai and we all started to get excited for the big day. It was extremely special to get our families together because we don't get to see everyone as often as we like. I had no stress on my wedding day. Everything just fell into place. I didn't have to run around to get things done, my friends and family just did everything without me even asking! We had so much fun! The highlight was the laughter and absolute excitement of the day

The Honeymoon


We had a fabulous time in Mauritius. We were so relaxed the day when we drove to the airport that we actually missed the exit and had to turn around. Still on time however we booked in and went shopping. We stopped for something to eat and we could see our airplane through the window. We took a photo and had some laughs. On our way to the gate we heard someone screaming from behind "are you going to Mauritius?!" we said yes and the lady continued "we have been calling you!!! You are late" . O my goodness we started running and found that they have closed the gates!! I almost started to cry, we begged them to reconsider and luckily they said we can board. We could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money that day. Everyone on the plane laughed at us and we delayed the flight with 45 minutes. Mauritius was the perfect breakaway. We couldn't get enough of their local cusine and we spent our days relaxing on the beach and doing every activity that was available.

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My Special Day

The look that I wanted to create was vintage elegance. I've always wanted to have a very long train and veil. I wanted to break the complete white wedding gown so I added a blush pink undertone to my dress. My hair was pinned up with lots of loose curls and diamanté detail. My make up was very natural and light. I had navy blue lingerie (something blue). My shoes were a beautiful pair of champagne coloured Oleg Cassini, covered in rhinestones. My pearl earrings were borrowed from my mother, she gave me a pearl bracelet that belonged to my grandmother. My husband to be gave me a beautiful pearl necklace that just locked in the whole look.

The Venue

We got married at the Silver Sixpence in Mpumalanga. It is nestled between the towns of Belfast and Dullstroom. Our closest family and friends stayed with us on the property whilst the rest of the guests found lovely countryside accommodation within walking distance of the venue.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I started to go for facials at my local beauty salon about 3 months before the wedding. I made sure I ate healthy and drank enough water. I didn't really go on a massively strict diet and exercise plan. I didn't want to drastically change my appearance before the big day. My husband and I have hectic work schedules so time was limited. We love dancing so when we had time we just put on some music and go crazy. About a week leading up to the wedding I booked a whole day at the spa for myself. They pampered me from top to toe. I made sure just to relax before the big day.

Wedding Services Used

The Silver Sixpence

The Silver Sixpence

Wedding Venue Dullstroom