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Iola Edmayr

Married on Mar 20, 2017 in Gauteng

As cliché as it might sound my wedding was an absolute dream come true. I was blessed enough to marry the most amazing man. When I say amazing he truly is on all levels. This is the man I went to Hell and back with and still every morning he sings (literally sings) a new made up song about how he loves me, and every night for over a year now he still asks me to marry him. We got married on a Monday and the next day was a public holiday. On the Friday before the wedding I went away with my bridesmaids, my mom and two grannies. On the Sunday the day before the wedding we had a braai with just the closest family. This helped us to spend quality time with those truly precious in our lives before the crazy rush of the wedding. When people say the wedding goes by so quickly it really does, so for us being able to make it a weekend event and spend time with our closest family and friends made the experience everlasting. On the wedding day itself my heart was beating so quickly I could hardly hear or see anyone. The moment of walking into the chapel and seeing my husband it felt like the greatest calm rushed over me and I just knew that this is the beginning of an astonishing story. Everything at the wedding at a personal reason and history behind it. Our theme at the wedding was windmills. My husband and I went through a really difficult time and it just made us fight constantly we actually then decided to end things, however we already paid and booked for a road trip that was happening in two days. It was on this road trip where we stopped at a windmill next to the highway to cook breakfast. It was also here were we decided to lay our weapons down (not literally) and just listen to each other. So for us the windmill was a symbol of peace and second chances. Our wedding cake was beautiful on the one side and zombie infested on the other side. When we just met my mother in law brought us a rescue dog who we named Mitsi. Her name came from a zombie we saw in a “Walking Dead” episode. So we decided to incorporate her and how we got to her name into our wedding cake. My husband and I made various signs/ love quotes that we placed in and around the venue. The one thing I can say about our wedding and most likely all weddings, is that there will be a few things that will not go as planned, or people who were not invited will show up. There will always be silly things to go wrong, but the one and most important thing to remember is that this is not just another party. Long after the wedding it is just you and your husband left. Long after everyone forgot about how amazing it was or how bad the food was you are still the one waking up to the husband you chose to marry. So in the end the wedding can be the most amazing jaw dropping event of the year, but it will be the promises you make to each other and the battles you fight together that will make the wedding a day to remember.


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